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  1. That is what I’d like to see. Two loaded offenses shooting it out.
  2. It was strange he just pushed off on a rush with no contact and then went down. Hard to believe you can tear acl that way.
  3. I think he still kicked three field goals after injury with brace on. So must be minor? I hope. 🙂
  4. Yeah I meant guy downfield. But I agree, Edmunds whiffed big time.
  5. Is that a knee injury for Dupree? I couldn’t tell what he did?
  6. Was hoping to see if Macfarland can bring some excitement to the game.
  7. I would, but that seems like too much work. So I’ll just stick with this game and a plate of nachos. 😀
  8. Guy let’s go and braces with hands in order not to drive him into the ground. What the...