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  1. Because it makes toooooo much sense dollars wise for Kraft to keep him and rebuild coaching staff. that, is a truth...
  2. He’s not going anywhere. So rest your pretty head. Sleep well tonight as I will.
  3. What I said is lost.. who cares. Keep fighting linear.
  4. Hmm... dumb linear thoughts. Some day you will graduate. Enuff said. Peace, out.
  5. Think about it... if you are Kraft. It is more likely he fires Bellicheck than Brady. Brady is a face of not only pats.. the whole nhl. Let’s see if he f***s Bellicheck. It would take a lot. The guy remembers he kept him as a fourth qb. That takes a lot. Hopefully they both know this much.
  6. Y’all just seem dumb. There is such a thing called synergism. Two better together than apart. Imagine something beyond synergism, where a core creates a web together much greater than a synergism... I know this is difficult for most to grasp. Linear thinking has its place. But global thinking not only has its place, but it is at the head of the table.
  7. One of those losses was helmet catch. You mentally resemble your monicker.
  8. Kurt Warner claimed he was the best of all time at his position. I bet you would argue with Warner.
  9. Was mostly thinking about 1st and goal from the one yard line that turned into a field goal. Nobody blocked the guys were in new England’s backfield at time if hand off.
  10. Keeper for me. Got him as free agent. Lucky, was a binky late rounder. I didn’t draft but got a couple weeks in.