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  1. Anything official on his availability tonight?
  2. I've picked him up back on December 5th shortly before Fizdale was fired and kept him for stretches on my bench; really glad that I held and can now feast on his production. Was also trying to trade him, as I am doing quite well in AST and STL and wanted a boost for REB and 3PM. Any ideas who to target?
  3. They possibly just showcase him before the deadline. There were reports that they look to trade Wood.
  4. Even if you include games between 20 and 29 minutes, he hovers around 11 pts, 6 reb, 2 3pm at 47 %. Should still be servicable.
  5. https://basketballmonster.com/easerankings.aspx You can also filter for positions.
  6. So he played great against Houston and Dallas and bad against Lakers, Denver, Utah and Indiana. The latter four are the 1st, 3rd, 7th and 11th worst teams for opposing small forwards, on the other hand Dallas and Houston are neutral/good for opposing small forwards. I think he just had a tough stretch of games. Anyways, I dropped for Hernanogomez but will keep a really close eye on him. Nice co-incidence: LAL decrease value for FG%, FT%, 3PM, AST, REB, BLK and PTS but increase value for STL and Ariza sucked at everything against them except for the steals.
  7. Any chance he plays tonight against Atlanta?
  8. my fault, i traded for him 6 weeks ago; its natural that he goes into the worst slump of his career afterwards.
  9. So whats up with his trash FG? Will he ever start hitting anything? Last year he was at 43 %, this year he is down to 39 % for the season and 33 % in the last two weeks. In his last 3 games he shot 10 for 43. Absolutely disgusting
  10. What's up with him, has been pretty "trash" the last two weeks and is once again 1 for 8...
  11. But he hurts you in 3pm, AST, STL, blk and pts right now. His only net positive are his boards, and even those are not that great (except for the occasional 15+ board game)
  12. You gotta be kidding me. I drop him after he is a net-negative for like 7 games and then he drops this bomb.
  13. So all the talk about him being a first rounder in this thread.. How did it age?
  14. I'd say all are to high or too proven. Maybe some like Ayton or Collins
  15. Two years ago 54 games in 25 mpg Last year 72 games in limited minutes. At 30 mpg the risk of an injury increases. If you decide to hold and he stays relatively healthy he is a big big reward. If he gets injured, you missed your chance to sell high.