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  1. yes sir i dropped DJ and picked up darrell as he was a free agent during the bye week i also have damien on bench
  2. he is on can't cut list on my league or else i would have dropped this bum long ago
  3. he will be seeing top rush defenses ROS other than carolina
  4. i'm thinking about dropping scary terry for him just looking at the playoff schedule.
  5. denver will try to increase the posession time and depend on run game to plod unless cheetah gets them up by 2 scores early.
  6. ankle injury?? just got sleeper bot notification
  7. not good i already have D.adams out and DJ game time and waller on bye
  8. starting him this week inplace of sammy watkins 😏
  9. im so glad i passed on him in the draft and facing him this week in the championship lol.
  10. CMC to stay under 60 pts yes i'm into championship week