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  1. Good deal in my view...Chriss you can easily replace by any other FA that is hot
  2. I'd go for LaVine as he returns earlier...D'Lo can wait
  3. Been offered Rubio for Conley...What do u guys think? I already own Mitchell and Hood (who I would drop then). Conley is on my INJ Spot at them moment...
  4. I am now being offered Westbrook for jokic...from sb else beside this one
  5. Do you guys think he will rank better than ariza as they are comparable?
  6. Definitely Len as a hold, favors was almost useless so far. Need help w bigs too
  7. Embiid despite the injury risk...PG13 is clearly the third option at OKC
  8. Harris! Batum is back next good for Lamb.
  9. Whiteside! His FT% is also getting close to 70% so he s not that much of a headache like Drummond or so
  10. Hey i am new to this great forum and i hope to get some help... What to you think about D. Howard for Covington...I need a bump in rebounds and DDs. Not sure whether to give away Covington or maybe Ariza instead. Have Batum on INJ (will drop either Gibson Sabonis or Baynes for him) Thank you!! Roster: Harden, Conley, Brogdon, Mitchell, Beal, Bradley, Ariza, Barton, Covington, Vucevic, Porzingis, Jokic, Gibson, Sabonis, Barnes, Batum (INJ Spot) Yahoo H2H 8 league (FG%, FT%, Pts, 3Pt, Rbs, Ast, Stl, Blk, TO, DD, TD)
  11. I would personally stay away from Blake even though he's awesome...he'll get injured at some point (he has ruined seasons for me...)...