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  1. Running with the BUF the next two weeks... not sure yet who to go with if I make it to the SB but looking to stash a good DST for week 16.
  2. This is why I've had them stashed for a couple of weeks... to prepare for a playoff run and hopefully help me get to the SB.
  3. Still rolling with BAL even if Flacco is out. I still expect a low scoring slow game with some turnovers (probably on both sides). Also, no way I'm letting BAL go back to the wire with OAK coming up next week.
  4. CIN @ BAL should be a smash mouth game with some turnovers. They are both fighting for the playoffs (and even the division still). I don't think it will be a high scoring game but if it is, turnovers and sacks add up enough to make up for points against (at least in my league scoring). CIN is a mess offensively right now, and BAL is coming off of a bye and playing at home...
  5. Tough call but depending on how your DST scores, I would probably go in this order (because of sacks and potential turnovers): 1) HOU @ WAS 2) PITT @ JAX 3) CAR @ DET
  6. I have BAL for weeks 11-12 and looking to stash WAS or DEN for 13+.
  7. I like CJ and hope the best for him. Worst case scenario... dude can bowl.
  8. I just grabbed BAL and dropped a bench stash. BAL vs CIN looks to be good with A.J. Green out and the CIN offense struggling.
  9. I don't think anyone expected to see that... NYJ was a favored streaming option this week on pretty much every site. BUF ended up the better option by 14 points in my league (and they are still on my WW).
  10. Dropped KC to stream NYJ vs BUF this week. Awesome.
  11. Who would have expected Matt Barkley and BUF to score as many points in this game @NYJ as they did in the past 6 games? I dropped KC for NYJ this week to take advantage of the juicy match-up. So much for that, LOL
  12. LAC and NYJ are both available on my WW this week. I'm leaning toward LAC because they have three good match-ups coming up. Tough to pass on NYJ vs BUF though...
  13. Wildcat the rest of the way?? He is the last man standing.
  14. I'm jealous of those of you that held onto Bears D... Un. Leash. The. Peter. Man. Peterman has attempted 81 career passes. According to Pro Football Reference's Play Index, Peterman's 11.11 interception percentage is ninth-worst all time for a player with at least that number of throws. It's the worst INT rate since "Randy Hedberg" for the 1977 Bucs. Peterman is historically bad, but the Bills keep leaving him on the roster and in turn keep getting forced into starting him by injuries. Peterman will be facing Khalil Mack's Bears on Sunday. Our thoughts are with him.
  15. I have PIT but don't want to play them week 9 @BAL. Week 9 WW targets for me (just one in priority order): 1) KC @CLE + week 10 vs ARI 2) NYJ @MIA + week 10 vs BUF 3) DAL vs TEN
  16. I'm streaming PIT vs CLE this week and plan to grab KC for weeks 9 (@CLE) and 10 (vs ARI).
  17. I was able to get LAC so I plan to play them the next two weeks. LAC @ CLE LAC vs TEN
  18. I'm leaning toward LAC with NYJ as a backup WW claim.
  19. Streamed CIN last week and that went great but worried to keep them for this coming week against Pit. Need to find a new DST to stream this week.
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