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  1. It must be annoying fantasy wise to have him. But I just think in reality they can do much better for an all-star player the caliber of DLo. Covington is a nice 3 and D player. But imo Dieng is not that much of an upgrade over what they have had in the past/what they have now. And Okogie is just ok. So I think they should and will shoot for more instead of settling for a package built around role players. They great thing for them is they don’t have to trade DLo, so they have plenty of leverage if/when they try to trade because I am not even sure they should anyway. I think DLo can fit with Curry/Klay/Dray when all healthy.
  2. It’s because they either don’t understand the value he brings or they think Oladipo is going to really hurt his value when he gets back. It’s a shame people after all these years still don’t quite understand, but those of us who do and understand the importance of having his efficiency win having him so it’s all good. I wouldn’t worry about it staying good. He will always be able to get Buckets!
  3. The game Conley came back the first time Ingles stayed in the starting lineup. I don’t see that changing. Snyder knows how much better he plays starting and won’t mess with it. Plus they have Clarkson now for the spark they had envisioned Ingles giving them in the second unit Once Conley starts again it will be for Royce.
  4. What it basically means is the Wolves are not getting Russell. The Wolves are not going to include Culver, and any other package they put together will be of no interest to the Warriors because they can get much better for him elsewhere. The Wolves chance at Russell is really just a figment of their imagination.
  5. If you have someone completely expendable then it’s fine I guess. For most tho it’s a classic wait and see case. Watch and look both ways don’t walk or run
  6. Loving the assists. Hopefully they stay. Such a bonus because I didn’t draft SGA expecting them with Paul there. So glad Billy Donovan challenged him to fill the stat sheet right before his 20/20 game. Ever since he has.
  7. Beal was not good at all tonight and has been inefficient all year so I will give you that (although it should have been taken into consideration as a possibility given the Wizards team). But Towns killing percentages? Huh? In what world? He shot 42% from the field. 9/21. Ok. Not great, but that is not a killer like say 5/18 a la Devonte Graham and KAT was 6/6 from the line tonight too. I am not a math major, but I think 6/6 should be considered helpful. Overall his FT% has been a little lower this year, but it’s still about 80% and his FG% is basically the same as last year at 51%. Those are good. So yeah, complaining that he was hurt. That would be valid. But struggling to see the complaining here regarding his percentages.
  8. The rest really did him good. I love it. This is why when a proven but struggling and/or injured vet appears on the WW, you take a flier. So glad I did. Now hopefully this same rejuvenation happens to Conley.....
  9. Whoa. Wow. Ok. So there was one. Just be safe since I definitely don't want to be wrong again - I will say its you and two others that thought he was going to be top 30. I assume you reached a little in the draft to ensure you had him, right?
  10. I hadn't up to this point doubted anything about him being injured and/or sick, and the team/training staff just not clearing him to play That is until I heard Saunders talk about it the other day (he seemed off to me) and then now with him saying "We're always hopeful." Even I now am starting to think something is a little weird and shady about this. Its seeming Kawhi/Spurs-ish....
  11. It’s what happens when someone improves on basically every statistical category like this. Hahaha.
  12. Hahaha. I guess I am going to have to breakdown my preseason comment again: Very very unlikely he averages 21-24 - And? What is so egregious about this? I said unlkely based on Holiday (who Griffin called the best player on the team), Zion (still hasn't played, preseason scoring leader for them btw), Favors (solid vet, very important to their team - check their record with and without him), and Redick (solid vet). Also, Lonzo and Hart. They have talent so it was not guaranteed prior to the season starting he was going to score more than Zion and Holiday. Check the preseason stats. Horrible free throw shooter and in volume which hurts more - For three years (and in college), unequivocally a fact. Not too many guys in the history of this league improve their free throw percentage this drastically. So again, prior to the season, what is wrong about this? Doesn't provide steals - Fact then and fact now. He still really doesn't. Not a great rebounder - Fact then and fact now. He improved a little, but still isn't wowing anyone despite his height and length Not a good three point shooter at all despite being compared to KD coming into the league - For three years (and in college), unequivocally a fact. He improved on this dramatically. So I again say, what is so wrong about my preseason take based on three plus years of factual information? So he scores and...? - check his ranking for three years. How many statistics besides scoring did he actually help you in for three years? The fact was for 3 years he was a horrible fantasy option. There was nothing infactual or insane about saying that, so not sure why this is brought up again like it is so crazy. It was a fact for three years. He improved on his deficiencies more than I and most suspected he would, and enough of the season has gone by (Zion still hasn't come back yet, but I digress) to say I was wrong on that. No problem. Most were wrong. I'll take that hit. Btw, its easy to take victory laps on him now. But how many actually thought he was going to be a top 10 fantasy player? Or even top 30 or 40? I would say none because we saw where was he ranked in drafts. And where was he selected in drafts. Nowhere near that. The Pelicans didn't think he was this either. They didn't even extend him before the season. So I sleep well at night. Hahahaha.