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  1. I miss b-ball and I respect the attempt at restarting, but I will be shocked if they are able to finish the season. If people can leave the bubble and come back in each day (like the people working at Disney for example), then it ain’t a bubble.
  2. I agree about the hospital issue being a problem before this and the death rate is off since we don’t know everyone that has/had it, but we do absolutely need to worry about this more than we do the flu or diabetes or suicide. All serious issues, but there are differences and this shouldn’t be taken lightly. Why do you think is cases are exploding like they are in the U.S or like in Italy? It is more contagious than the flu - about twice as much. It takes longer for people to show symptoms than the flu. No vaccine obviously and the death rate is higher especially among older people. (All flu cases aren’t documented either btw). Yes people do die from the flu or diabetes or suicide each year and people should take that more serious than they do. But please take this even more serious right now because it is. And btw - I live in Maryland. Someone was diagnosed with Corona where I work and they closed the office. I have been working from home all week and will be doing so for awhile I suspect. So yes, it is out there.
  3. It doesn’t matter how Rudy got it, if he knew or not, or if he really gave it to Mitchell or vice versa. Regardless, the fact is that joking around about it like that is careless, it endangers lives, and everyone should be taking this serious and being as careful and considerate of others as they possibly can be.
  4. Yeah I like that. If they were to do that, for next season tho, when they start and how many games they shorten it to is critical because they don’t want to be in a situation where it’s too condensed and they need to then schedule more back to backs or even have back to back to backs.
  5. I know for me, I can admit that I didn’t it would happen when this was first posted. I thought at most they could go to just empty arenas games. And I smh at the fact that how could I have been so naive and not seen that this was always the inevitability. Of course at least one player or someone with the team was going to get it and they would have to stop playing for awhile. I think they are going to resume starting with the playoffs (probably even shorten the first round back to best of 5) or maybe just play 4 or 5 more regular season games just so teams aren’t rusty going into the playoffs.
  6. I think people can drop and pick up whomever they want. I don’t see an issue with it. Stashing is stashing. Don’t worry tho because it is moot and not going to matter anyway. It sucks but fantasy season is over. I don’t see them playing all 82 games if they even play anymore regular season games at all. And the platforms are not going to be able to handle an in season change like this. It’s unprecedented. I don’t think they will be able to handle it. No way a real true winner can be crowned.
  7. Yeah, and hopefully this is a lesson to him or anyone that playing around like that and not taking this serious can endanger other lives. It’s simple: Be cautious not just for yourself, but more so for others around you. I don’t think it will or should it. Hopefully he realizes the seriousness now.
  8. Ugh. I didn’t even think about that. Even if they resume the regular season they probably won’t play the full 82. They might even just resume by starting the playoffs. Fantasy is basically done for this year.
  9. Exactly. He probably was. It’s definitely unfortunate he has it and hopefully he will be ok, but this is why people should not be joking around about stuff like this and should be cautious and take it serious.
  10. Still not expecting him to play tonight, but sounds like this will be just a one or two game at most thing thankfully.
  11. I hope Lebron passes him the ball this time....
  12. Lester Hudson I always think of him when silly season arrives.
  13. Wow ok. Well either way, never make a drop hastily.
  14. Point guard success in Utah is a while other conversation. But as for this move to bench, how can anyone automatically see this as a negative and drop? All we know is he is now coming off the bench. It may work out and be better. It may not. But we don’t know. We don’t know what his minutes will look like. Or how he will do. So its a wait and see for me. Never make decisions in haste like that unless it was its for something really good.
  15. I know it sucks because he was so good and his stat set is completely irreplaceable. But it’s over. It’s been over. He is not coming back this year. Just cherish the time we had him and move on. All part of the healing process!
  16. So why is this situation being compared to Kobe? Are the Wolves in position to win a championship this year or make the playoffs this year like Kobe was for pretty much his whole prime playing through stuff? Up until this season Towns has been an ironman and only missed a few games last season. This is a legitimate injury. Why do we assume everything that has happened this year has been 100% KAT’s call? He tried to play through it and it didn’t improve. Should he make it worse while they play for ping pong balls? The organization is not going to risk their franchise player in a lost season. This is not KAT being soft just like it is not Dray or Steph being soft in the Warriors lost season.
  17. I think he is done. But yeah you can’t drop him until it’s announced. So that is all you can do beyond someone trading for him which is highly unlikely and karma wise if I had him I wouldn’t want to trade him to someone now even if they were willing to take him. Wouldn’t feel right about it.
  18. Looking like this is going to be a fun ride rest of season!
  19. And the sad thing is at first it seemed like Casey understood this. But he eventually gave in to Derrick when he said he could play more and it backfired. He was abysmal tonight (these are the moments I wish I had that foresight to have benched him...hahaha). I hope after all star break with Kennard back and the rest of their back court completely healthy that he limits Rose to 25 minutes a game max the rest of the season. Like you said no need to push him like he was.
  20. It’s a shame between the egregiously long suspension and the injuries that this season will be considered a bust from a fantasy perspective for him. Because when this dude plays, he delivers. 18/12 on really good percentages with a block and a half a game (the part of his game in which many people complained about last year). Hopefully he doesn’t miss anymore games after the all-star break!
  21. I have both so win for me either way...hahaha The stat tracking tho has been bad this year for sure. More mistakes than I can remember from past years.