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  1. Who should I start for Flex? Diggs, Jaylen Samuels or Tarik Cohen?
  2. The choices are all really bad. No other alternatives? I think barber is the safest choice but low upside. Thompson is my second choice. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi guys: Who do I start for QB and Flex? PPR league. QB (Pick 1): Brees, Winston or Rivers Flex (Pick 1): Diggs, Tarik Cohen, Jaylen Samuels. Will help in return!! Thanks!
  4. Just stick with Adams at this point lol
  5. Currently I have Diggs in my flex position but I just read that he is questionable and had a setback. Who should I start instead then? Tarik Cohen or Josh Adams? Need help asap! Whir!
  6. I would go with Greg zuerlain. Just a better offense imo. It's really hard to tell. But I'd go with Greg
  7. Who do I start for one of my RB positions? The choices are Breida, Adams, and Tarik Cohen. WHIR!! I'm in the first round of finals but got burned by Brees this week. Thanks!
  8. Brees or Jameis Winston or Philip rivers? Whir! Thanks
  9. I'm torn on who to start. Any thoughts? Cohen or Diggs? WHIR
  10. Question(s): Who should I start this week for flex and defenses? PPR league. Flex - Tarik Cohen OR Stefon Diggs? My current RB's are Fournette and Aaron Jones; WR's are Deandre Hopkins and Smith - Schuster. Defense - Bears or Redskins?? WHIR! Thanks!
  11. Any thoughts? Should I start drew Brees or Phil rivers? It's a ppr league. Whir!
  12. Hi guys: This is my lineup currently: QB: Phil Rivers, Drew Brees RB: Fournette, Yeldon, Jones, Barber, Murray, Breida, Cohen WR: Hopkins, Diggs TE: Kittle D/ST: Texans Kicker: Zuerlain Bench: Drew Brees Jones, Barber, Fournette Bears Smith-Schuster I'm starting Cohen and Yeldon but who should I start for flex? Breida or Murray? Also, what should I do w/ Fournette and Yeldon? Is Yeldon even worth having after this week or should I drop him? I need a WR to cover myself on Week 10, when Diggs and Hopkins are on Bye. WHIR!!! Thanks!!
  13. Very frustrating to own Diggs, especially when my opponent this week had Thielen! LOL. Diggs needs some lovin' - come on Cuz!!
  14. Love it!! So glad I started him over Hines. Cohen's my replacement to Breida
  15. The moment you decided to put in the Chicago Defense instead of the Texans, both of which are on your bench. Your competitor leads you by like 60+ points and two of his other players haven't started yet LOL. I just got gang raped.
  16. I would take the gamble. Michel and White - it'll be interesting to see who really wins out. But you can't go wrong w/ Bell. I'd do the trade. THanks for the help!