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  1. I would either try to get a better package for Embiid or keep him. If he stays relatively healthy this year, he's more valuable than OKC pg-13.
  2. I would take that. I understand others' reservations though. I have faith in Butler as he gets more time on that team.
  3. I would do it. You are giving up a lot, but you could come out on top with a good waiver pickup. You can always trade KAT later on for high quality players if you end up regretting it. Someone is always willing to pay big for guys like KAT.
  4. I have Ariza and would deal him for JJ. I have an abundance of 3s through. I just think JJ will have overall better value in a cat league this year.
  5. Len could end up being valuable down the road, but Butler is definitely due for a market correction soon. Pull the trigger.