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  1. Hello would be interested. Can you pls send me a mail at Will revert with questions and whether I am in. Thanks
  2. Hello very interested. Would likely take Oakland or perhaps Philly. Cannot see your mail, can you please send me your mail and where I can sign up? Fantax ID EternalNomad381, mail Would be nice to know settings, how many players we keep from existing team and if we will have a draft or bid on released players and those from unclaimed teams. Count me in regardless
  3. I would be interested likely. Mail Is it on Fantrax? If so my ID is EternalNomad381
  4. Hi would be happy to take it over. Mail Have over 10 years of fantasy experience mostly in keeper/dynasty leagues Thanks!
  5. Cannot see it. Can you pls add me? EternalNomad381 (Fantrax). Thanks! Any team is fine say Indians or Arizona. Thanks!
  6. Hello if you have a team left will join. email Fantrax ID EternalNomad381 Happy to take any unclaimed team. Thanks!