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  1. Been holding Blake in a 10 person 8 cat league, and thankfully have had the rest of my roster healthy. I really hope he can make it back by the 2nd or 3rd week of January though.
  2. What is Dunn's role going to be when Zach returns? That's what I want to know.
  3. As a Spurs fan, he kicked our butt. We won the game, but he was killing our defense in a diverse number of ways. Dude can play, just need minutes and more field goal attempts. He made 9/10 of his FGs, so obviously that's not sustainable. But it is interesting. Since December 6th, his minutes have skyrocketed from 10-20 to 24-34. For the month, he's averaging 27.6 min 5.6fg attempts, and 8 points. SA was the second game this season he was able to attempt 10 or more shots. First time was against Brooklyn 7-11 for 16 points 11/29 It sounds like Rick is slowly workin
  4. Someone dropped Jeff Teague for Eric Gordon in our League. I just submitted a waiver claim to drop Denzel Washington for him. Couldn't be happier! I know he's had his ups and downs, but Teague's always been doing something. Those bursts of assists seem worth it.
  5. Trying to figure out if Henson is right for me. He's a FA in my league, and I'm thinking of pulling the trigger. Here's the context: PG James Harden, Ricky Rubio SG Eric Gordon, Tim Hardaway Jr., Will Barton SF Tyreke Evans, Jimmy Butler, Rondae-Hollis Jefferson PF Domantas Sabonis, Bobby Portis, Blake Griffin C Andre Drummond, Deandre Jordan Strengths: Leading my league (10-h2h) in assists, steals, 3PM, and rebounds. Second in points. Minuses: Second to last in blocks. Second to last in FG% 6th in FT% I like where Henson i
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