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  1. you must be younger than doncic with a line like that
  2. lol that's true also. basically roto needs to stop assuming things Edit: actually in this video https://youtu.be/Zy5dxsHWoGk?t=139, saunders says "at some point this week, hopefully we'll see him in action". who knows what that means lol
  3. Saunders just said a coupled days ago he expects him back this week. The quote seems to be talking about why he didn't come back earlier, and roto is jumping the gun and saying he didn't respond well to the g league practice.
  4. someone else chiming in. from my experience, it's better to not punt 3 cats right off the bat, and to wait until the tail end of the season to make trades to get the focus down to 5-6 cats
  5. i missed out on him, but with someone with shaky ft shooters, i couldnt afford his fts
  6. Be prepared. Plays Boston in 2 games. Last year he went 10/36 in 3 games against them including a 1/12 game...
  7. Time to drop (at least for me since i'm in playoffs)
  8. i know u realized this was wrong, but i had him one week and i was shooting 74% from the line. i wondered what id be shooting without him...80%
  9. Does that look like someone who would freeze AD out?