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  1. Thanks for you response on mine! Punting 2 categories means you need to be solid in your other 7. It looks like warren is an odd man out since he mainly only brings you pts and % unless his 3pt% wasn't a fluke but I don't like him as a prospect on the pacers. Couple injury risks in booker, Lowry (who wears down through the season), and JV (really worried about his injury especially on the grizzlies) Might wanna package warren and JV or lowry early in the season if you can get a good package.
  2. Thanks for commenting on mine! Really like your picks, especially collins at 142. Good insurance in case whiteside goes down (which it seems like it will probably happen). You may want to consider trading him early as he starts to wear down through the season especially if nurkic progresses. Really solid but you have a lot of high volume shooters which might fluctuate your FG% as well (Rozier, cedi, bacon, ross). The punt assist works great so you can consider trading doncic and rozier who are triple double threats.
  3. You absolutely got a steal with jrue and PG. CP3 is a steal as well if he doesn't get injured or excessively rested. Lots of injury concerns on your team though, Looks weak in blocks and possibly assists if jrue and FVV does less ball handling. Not big on olynk either.
  4. Top picks are solid. Isaac seems a little early but he's poised to breakout. Solid stocks but your last few picks get a little shaky. Harris, Warren, Dinwiddie are good floor guys but too crowded for them to have too much potential. It looks like the only net positive on FG% is drummond since your bigs are encouraged to shoot 3s this year so it usually means lower FG.
  5. Solid team but you have some injury concerns with embiid, blake, roco, teague. Looks weak in FG and blocks. Your big men aren't traditional big men so they don't anchor your FG% but your FT% won't be too bad. Got prospects in tatum, bagley, and shai though to break out.
  6. 12T H2H 9 Cat Guards: Chris Paul(37), Ja morant(60), shai gilgeous(61), lonzo(85), rose(133), NAW(150) Forwards: tatum(36), miles bridges(84), ingram(108), rj barret(109) Centers: Drummond(12), Gobert(13), powell(132) Got the last pick. Punting FTs. Feel a little unsure about CP3, tatum, and bridges. Drummond + Gobert B2B picks okay?
  7. Get Mitchell 100%. Jarren Allen won't be Mitchell good this year.
  8. I would give ball a couple more games if you can afford it. Shai is great but he isn't a integral part of the offense so will post some duds from time to time. Great player though and with a injury prone clippers team.
  9. Best drop candidate is DJ but they are almost equal in value. You should choose between these two based on their playoff schedules and which stats you need but they are interchangable.
  10. Hey guys, I currently have powell and nerlens noel but I also have skal in my IR roster. Should I drop one of these guys for skal? I'm in the last week fighting for a playoff spot so if noel posts a dud he can potentially lose for me.
  11. I would go with green or ingles green has been hot lately but ingles is the better fantasy player ros
  12. Still skal? Nerlen put up some numbers tonight
  13. I would stick with murray. With kawhi and aldrige out he'll get more touches. If not sato but depending on your playoff schedule wall might be back near the end.