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  1. Is he still worth an add given KLove and TT are back in the rotations?
  2. Worth a stash now that he's back? Considering monitoring his situation until the minute restrictions come off. I'm assuming this is having a negative impact on LNJ and Zizic?
  3. With Giannis out today and Brogdon's injury, do we see an uptick in usage/minutes? Thinking of streaming him for the b2b starting today
  4. Flipped him for Jayson Tatum in my punt assists team.
  5. Not familiar with the King's rotation, will Buddy see more usage now that Bagley is hurt? Did he ball out while Bagley was injured earlier this season? I just traded for him right before the injury happened.
  6. In a dynasty I'd only consider JV. Love and Horford are too old as keepers for more than a year or two.
  7. He was putting top-50 value last 2 months prior to his injury because of his high FG% and stocks. He's a big part of my punt-assists build.
  8. I've got an open spot right now from a 2:1 trade I did. If a drop is necessary, it'd probably be Landry Shamet.
  9. I'd take Jrue/Lauri. I think people overvalue playoff schedules. If you're first in the league and haven't had any super close games, you should be fine with one or two games of breathing room. Also as others have said CJ is too one dimensional.
  10. AD can still stuff the sheet even in limited minutes. I would hold him unless you get a Top-30 guy in return. Lauri is playing red-hot but I doubt that's sustainable.
  11. I've actually got an extra spot from a previous 2:1 trade. Otherwise the drop would probably be Landry if I find someone better to pickup before the trade is processed.
  12. Collins hasn't been playing as well but I would say he's still better than Green
  13. Faried and Lopez imo Faried is still starting alongside Capela and RoLo has been playing well.
  14. I own RoCo and have held him since this injury. Prior to that, he was returning round 1 value. Granted he'll prob ease into it but I think he has the higher upside atm
  15. I don't see the point in it, as the previous poster pointed out. There's more upside on guys coming in, esp for keeper leagues.