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  1. I think we need to accept TB12 is going to have a large influence on the offense as a whole. That includes the addition of TE freindly routes and 2 TE sets. This guy has the physical tools to dominate opponents at multiple levels. If Gronkowski was a freak, OJ is a freak on a scooter. If they get on the same page OJ Howard will be the highest paid TE in the league next off-season and will have a flashy pair of rings to go with that contract the year after. I expect Mike Evans to be dealt at some point this year or next year.
  2. I think using L.Js stats to try and see hope for Allen is the first issue here. Guys are built differently. IMO Allen needs to work on his deep ball, obviously, but this season he could be a top 5QB in fantasy leagues. Diggs and Brown both have the speed to go deep, but Diggs LOVES catching screen and stop routes. If Allen can get his timing and accuracy buttoned up Diggs could have a lot of production this season. That's a BIG "if". Between the pressure from coaches to run, and now pressure coming from a diva-personality WR (Diggs) to throw him the Ball, I'm interested to see how he moves forward this season.
  3. I think he could ball out in the right situation. LA, Oakland, or even a place like New Englad. He needs a system built around him and Rivera just couldn't maintain one.
  4. As a Vikings and Diggs fan, he will do well on the Bills this year but his fantasy production will go down, and by this time next offseasons he will be gone or trying to be gone.... Mark my words.
  5. There's no doubt that he is playing to silence the haters. Schedule is good. On a team that wont make the playoffs. ((So he wont be benched)) All signs point to him not giving a rat's behind and chucking it like crazy.
  6. Can't even think about starting him against NO. That defense is playing well, and they are pushing for a first round bye, this wont be an easy game for the Ice Man. I'd rather go with Darnold or take a flier on Nick Foles.
  7. Considering going with Darnold over Watson against NE
  8. Foles is coming back. Does Chark continue his pace of production or take a hit?
  9. If DJ goes tonight do we think he impacts Drakes value? Do we start DJ over Drake?
  10. Are we starting tonight if he goes? Hyde is my backup
  11. Been shopping around for help at RB. What are some offers you've seen for guys like Chris Godwin and Amari Cooper? I've got WRs out my ***
  12. I'm loaded at WR. DJ and Gurley at RB, Godein, Cooper, Chark at WR.
  13. I've traded starters down to get a hot player on their bye week in the past. It has caused me to lose matchups... but win championships. Got Caff last year for Gurley straight up. We know how that ended.
  14. My team is pretty stacked too. Plus I have my bye matchups all lined up already. I'm 3-3 though lol
  15. We will see. At worst he is a good playoff stash because you know hes gunna wanna play and hes gunna be super fresh.