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  1. How do we got Yahoo to put the INJ tag on him? I remember there was some sort of forum to request a new position eligibility. Does it work the same with the INJ tag? How many games a player should miss for him to get the INJ tag? I remember when it was announced that House Jr would miss a second game in a row he get the INJ tag right away.
  2. As far as I'm concerned I'm talking dynasty so you can stay away with your negativity. This game hasn't changed the scouting report. Dude is a gem. For those in a dynasty league maybe one or two bad games can create an opportunity to acquire him.
  3. Picked in my Dynasty League some time ago. I'm sold on his talent. He reminds me of Devin Booker with the smoothness, the quick shot, the moves to finish his penetrations. I know how here you mostly talk redrafts and don't "invest" on players long term so for you it's all about opportunities and PT. Not sure if he fits the bill in those redraft shallow leagues but he will be in my keepers list at the end of the season for sure iso a guy like Gallo. He's a rare talent. He seems confident and not over-confident. He looks well coached, very pro, not scared and composed. His passing skills look promising, his quick-released shot is wonderful. He's fast after the dribble, has quick hands on D. His step back is also quite something. I mean, show me a guard under 21 in this league with a more promising skills set. I'm ready to wait until 2021 but the feeling is Oregon people won't let the wait be that lengthy. I may be overreacting but last time I was THAT excited about a pick I made it was last season's draft when I took Pascal Siakam.
  4. To be honest I take a day of maintenance once in a while. I own him in my dynasty and I was worried heading to this season considering the knee, so far I like how the C's have managed his health.
  5. You can vote here to ask for the update :
  6. I've seen peeps posting this type of issues in a Yahoo forum where we can add up complains. If one feels like doing it now.. feel free.
  7. The dude updating the blurbs must have some sort of button... Seriously it's beyond me.. ive email them just so you know..
  8. So if im refreshing my page to be allowed to switch him and Rondo in the IL im wasting my time I suppose... No way to email them or smthg? Their latest blurb says it all, out for weeks...