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  1. Lmfao this is only because you play in a points league. Play in a real 9 cat league first before you go around spewing out nonsense
  2. everyone quote my post and say BELEIVE to send our energies over the Lord Covington to have a blessed and healthy season
  3. Seriously, he just seems like a dick. worst coach for fantasy ball
  4. Dropped Kurucs for this kid. Seems like White will get consistent minutes while also producing stocks
  5. Did the exact same thing my brother. Had to, before someone else vultured him of the wire
  6. The one true Lord Covington delivers yet again
  7. • Barcelona tried to tank Rodions Kurucs' draft stock so he wouldn't go to the NBA. Now he could be the biggest 2018 draft steal. I came across an interesting story about Brooklyn Nets rookie Rodions Kurucs and how his pre-draft club FC Barcelona wouldn't give him minutes with the A-team and made extensive efforts so that he wouldn't be seen by NBA scouts, in order to keep him on the team. In the 2017-18 season, he played only 43 minutes in the top-flight Spanish league (Luka Doncic played nearly 900 minutes, and even Barcelona product Mario Hezonja played over 582 in their final seasons). He also only played 20 minutes per game through 16 games in the second-division Spanish league. Currently, Kurucs is averaging 9 points and 4 rebounds per game (13/5/1 through 6 starts) and ranks third among rookies in true shooting percentage, at 61.1%, despite being a 40th overall pick. His 24-point game vs. the Indiana Pacers on Dec. 21 is the most he has ever scored in a professional basketball game. His 16-10 game vs. the Phoenix Suns on Dec. 23 was also his first double-double in a pro game. He recently fired shots at Barcelona, "After three years, I’m finally enjoying playing basketball."
  8. Lmfao Lavine is a** and turner is too . Dipo owners rejoice!!
  9. I just traded my Klay for Oladipo and im all about this guys hype train. Please tell me, does anyone have any updates on this guy?
  10. Very risky, Beasley and Gallos production will outweigh Turner + whatever streamer for the night imo. Its up to you at the end of the day but considering how most turner owners are fed up and most people who picked up gallo and turner are extremely happy they did
  11. Still not worth it considering the upside on gallo+beasley on their respective teams
  12. Dont do it, Gallo has a great playoff schedule compared to Turner, and with KP out Beasley is going to be Beastley
  13. Keep Butler he is a top 10-15 player