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  1. While I don’t necessarily agree with how he said it, I fully understand and agree with his reservations especially since details leaked of the new proposal to the public which shows the owners trying to renegotiate a deal in bad faith, which they and the players already agreed upon back in March in good faith. Players did not have to agree to take pay cuts at all as all of their contracts are fully guaranteed the moment the season starts but yet the deal that was negotiated at the beginning of the pandemic, has them taking a prorated salary based on games played. That was fully agreed upon by both sides with the assumption that if and when baseball resumes there might be no fans in attendance for a good portion of the season if not the entirety of the season. Now all of a sudden they want players to agree to even less money when they are the ones assuming all of the risk by playing and without them there is no product to sell at all. The majority of owners for the most part won’t be losing money if baseball is played regardless of what players are paid this year. owners are not stupid and care about one thing, profits. If they truly were going to lose money on a shortened season with no fans then they wouldn’t want the season to be played at all and would recoup their losses before they even negotiated the first agreement back in March. But let’s go into a little more detail on why the owners are at fault here and being greedy, not the players. Also, why their new proposal of revenue sharing with players would further screw players on multiple levels aside from what has already been mentioned above. A 50 50 split of revenue on the surface seems like a descent starting point however unlike in other sports baseball does not require owners to report or share all their sources of revenue with players or the public. They don’t even make it fully clear on what constitutes as sources of revenue for baseball purposes. Usually television deals, streaming, local and national team sponsorships as well as other sources of income an owner may have such as parking, bars and restaurants they may own around the stadium just to name a few revenue streams which will most likely not be included in any revenue they report or share with players. So what does that leave as revenue? Ticket sales, concessions and merchandise and 2 out of 3 of those revenue sources will not even be a factor for the majority if not the entirety of the season in some if not all regions. This proposal would also leave the owners with lots of wiggle room to do creative book keeping to further screw players when it is all said and done. In addition to this the players will have to divide the profits among 50 or so players per team with expanded rosters and taxi squads while the owners keep half for themselves. Then you also have to figure out how the money is devided among the players. Will a rookie be making the same money as a veteran player? Will a bench player make as much as a superstar who would’ve been making millions compared to hundreds of thousands of dollars? And even if all of that gets worked out to players satisfaction there is still a huge question mark of how much actual money there will be to share amongst them. Now let’s even put the financials aside. The players, coaches and staff, umpires, television crews (as well as bus drivers, hotel staff, restaurants/caterers among others involved who will be neccisary to make a season happen) are the ones who will all be be put at risk here, not the owners and they all deserve to be fully compensated for this. All involved with the exception of the owners will be playing through considerable health risk throughout this pandemic regardless of all the safety protocols and precautions that will be put in place. It’s ez for the owners and politicians or anyone else including fans to just say they should get back and play just because we miss sports and they already make a ton of money(which is not even the case for all players as plenty of young players don’t even make all that much.) I miss sports and particularly baseball as much as anyone but I would rather there not be a season at all then to rush it back too soon and put everyone at unnecessary risk but if the players aren’t properly compensated for it after they already agreed in good faith to take a massive pay cut in which the owners agreed upon I think Snell and any other player has every right to feel this way if they choose to, Sadly these negotiations can drag on for a while and the longer they do the likely hood of any season happening at all gets slimmer and slimmer regardless of other issues such as public health, availability and increased testing capacity with quick turn around and greater accuracy and other measures that would need to be taken to get the season started.
  2. And that point is also moot because Hicks isn't making nearly as much money as either of them nor was ever as good as either of them when they signed their contracts.
  3. It is applicable when the post I was responding to's point was that Hicks is gaurenteed playing time because of his contract.
  4. Ellsbury had some very good years early in his career with Boston even before that 1 year he hit for power. Hicks has never even played a full season and many disagree that his playing time is not a question going forward even when he is finally healthy. Hicks will likely get playing time when healthy but to say it's unquestioned is beyond obsurd if both Bird and Voit are mashing into May and Hicks is still hurt. It's a big if especially for Bird but if he is, he will stay in the lineup and if anything Gardner likely becomes a 4th outfielder when Hicks returns but if Gardner is also hitting that decision might not be so Ez. Either way nothing is set in stone and Hicks isn't gaurenteed anything if his injury lingers.
  5. Except hicks isn't even half the player either of them were at their best and has yet to even stay healthy for a full season. He is also not making nearly as much money as either of them.
  6. So does that mean when Ellsbury is healthy he will have a starting job waiting for him because of his contract? This is the team who forced A-Rod and his massive contract to the bench and early retirement. This is New York and they are looking to contend for a championship. It would be more than foolish if they only adhere to comments made in spring training and let a players contract dictate playing time over some one who is healthy and mashing. There is no guarantee Bird or Voit will keep it up and win playing time but if they do, plans can change fast. Even if Hicks is healthy (but given his lengthy injury history coupled by which there is currently no timeline when that will even be), and when it comes down to it the Yankees will put their best team on the field that they feel gives them the best chance to win. Whether it is Bird, Voit, Gardner or Hicks who ever is healthy and hitting will certainly have a leg up in the competition for playing time.
  7. I would expect Buxton to open the season hitting 9th however if he continues his torrid spring once the regular season starts I would be surprised if he's not moved up to the top of the order hitting either 1st or 2nd before the end of April. I understand a lot of people have soured on him after being burned the past few years and while I wouldn't expect it but also wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being the twins best hitter this season. While his floor is extremely low, his ceiling still remains pretty high and it wouldn't be shocking if he finally puts it all together with a break out season this year. It will be interesting to watch regardless.
  8. Yeah I was leaning this way before I made this post and it seems to be the general consensus but I definitely have some intriguing options so wanted some other opinions. It's just hard to ignores a potentially healthy sanchez's upside at C. He could be a game changer.
  9. A few prospects and draft picks who will probably net you mediocre mlb talent for a 24 year old who is already an established ace is a hard pass for me. Something was clearly wrong with Severino in the second half and you would be giving that team a gift by giving up on him solely because of that. Severino will be an anchor for any fantasy staff for at least the majority of the next decade if not beyond and it's a lot to give up for the unknown. Unless a prospect named Vlad Guerrero JR is included passing on this is a no brainier for me.
  10. You should keep Soto. Scherzer will maybe give you a couple of more great years but at his age he can start falling off any season now, but Soto is a guy who can anchor your squad for the next 10-15 years if not beyond. Unless your offense is completely stacked and getting Scherzer would all but guarantee a championship this year, there is no way I would even consider this deal in a dynasty league.
  11. Sanchez is 15 for the upcoming season. He would be 22 next season and could be well worth that if he has a big year this season.
  12. I forgot I also have Wilson Ramos who can be kept for 5. Hoskins does have 1b eligibility but I am also high on Olson as well. Agreed though that Sanchez offers massive potential and the most upside in a position that aside from a handful of players is usually a black hole.
  13. Need help deciding my last keeper. We get to keep up to 8 players with a draft budget of $260 in a 12 team standard 5x5 league except with k/9 instead of k's. The cheapest anyone can be kept is $5 and anyone who was $5-$9 is kept at $10. Anyone who was $10 or higher salary increases by 50% the following year. The prices listed are how much they will be kept for the upcoming season. Ideally I'd like to make a trade or 2 but it's not looking too likely at this point. right now I'm keeping: Ronald Acuna Jr - 10 Aaron Judge - 10 Rhys Hoskins - 10 Luis Severino - 10 Walker Buehler - 5 Vlad Guerrero Jr - 5 Adalberto Mondesi - 5 Options for the last keeper spot are: Charlie Blackmon - 33 Corey Seager - 22 Gary Sanchez - 15 Sean Doolittle - 10 Matt Olson - 10 Jose Peraza - 10 Jurickson Profar - 5 Fernando Tatis Jr - 5 Tyler Glasnow - 5 Freddy Peralta - 5 Joey Lucchesi - 5 Julio Urias - 5
  14. That is some of the worst advice I have ever seen. However I would consider keeping all 3 of those guys or Carpenter and tossing Realmuto back into the mix. I don't think realmulto at round 12 is as good a value or have as much potential upside as those 3 players offer at the rounds you have them at.. While realmuto should once once again be one of the top catchers in the league again, he is a much better real life player than fantasy player and even with a change of scenery and a slight boost in rbi's and runs the separation he offers between other catchers in most categories aside from batting average is not all that much for me to consider keeping him over those 3. He doesn't offer that massive game changing power potential like a Gary Sanchez who can be a potential game changer at the weakest position and even in an injured/down year hit almost as many hr's as realmuto did in a full season. His speed has also seemed to be less a factor last year which was the one real thing that separated him amongst other catchers from a fantasy perspective as he only stole 3 bases last year and I wouldn't expect that to start trending back upward given his position and that he is another year older. The only thing that you can really expect from him to separate him from most catchers is that he should end up playing more games than most as he should start 135-145 games where most catchers will probably be closer to 100-120 games. Despite that I just don't see him being that much better than most other options at the position to justify keeping him when you have 3 guys who all can offer way more upside and are at lower cost. To me it's a no brainier.