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  1. Kareem Hunt said he is focusing on the passing game during OTAs. Hunt caught 53 passes for 455 yards and three scores as a rookie, but coach Andy Reid said he wants to get him even more touches in the passing game moving forward. "I’m catching the ball more and running a lot more routes," Hunt said. "I like it. It gives me the opportunity to get the ball in open space and make people miss." Hunt is a locked-in RB1. Source: kcchiefs.com May 29 - 9:26 AM make of this what you will - i think its a good thing.
  2. arent they the same - i keep players season over season
  3. yep .having less than the req 4 keeps gives you a earlier pick - however others can and will do the same.
  4. hey guys i need some advice im in a pool of 14 players with up to 4 keepers each i currently own Brandin Cooks, Kareem hunt as my gtd keepers however i have a decent bench and starters for my team (finished 2nd overall - lost by 9 points) to make things easy ill say this also top 15 running backs by points and top 15 WR by points are all keepers. Brady and Aaron Rodgers are keepers All the rookie 2017/18 rbs have been kept. my question is I own dede westbrook - would you keep him?
  5. so now what..Nagy gone, replaced by RB coach? anyone know anything about this guy and what he'll do for hunt?
  6. same problem - Kareem Hunt just lost his OC coach Nagy who brought him back to RB1 for the last 6 weeks. Now hsi RB coach is the new OC - would you still keep Hunt?
  7. was a keeper - no more..what a mess. Dede westbrook got more points
  8. so far Bell has 8.2 points so im still up by .7 that being said its the 3rd and Pitts has a nice cushion - feel free to Bench your starters anytime Pitts (apologies to those who need steelers points)
  9. im rocking Foles since he can double up on any TD to Alshon J , however Foles also loves aghelor and Zach Ertz so you can start foles since he doesnt only have to throw to Ashon J Big ben has a ton of weapons and Bell - but i think Pittsburgh will run the clock and eventually bench the starters..it is a possibility. Philly already said they wouldnt.
  10. up by 9 have Foles vs Bell, Ajayi and Alshon J Need Foles to have a 4 td game w aghelor and Ertz and Clement and blount Need Steelers to bench the starters asap im a first time finalist vs a 6 time winner including last year.
  11. chris godwin elijhaa perry or kerwiyn wiliams out of ARI kapri bibbs
  12. thank you dede for completely killing any chance we had to win our pools. how do the jags lose a wr again and still not target you??? what is wrong with you
  13. so came across a note we all should be concerned with. OC for the chiefs is Nagy and since he took over the playcalling we all know the results. Problem is we're not the only ones who noticed. Nagy is a front runner to be a HC somewhere next season an guess who his closes buddies are? gm in Indy and some dude name John Dorsey now imagine if Nagy goes to Dorsey with all that cash space and picks in Cleveland. where would that leave Hunt? Food for thought.
  14. i own him currently and the only thing i can think of to help his match is no AB but even that is a stretch.