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  1. Time to grab? any value when Collins comes back
  2. I'm riding the wave, just made a move, essentially he has nobody to compete for minutes, the warriors are lost this season Wouldn't be shocked to see 15/5/2/1/1 (3PT/STL) with good percentages the rest of the way
  3. Worth using the number 1 waiver spot in a 12 man league, recently dropped?
  4. If were looking to move Graham, what sort of player do we think would be worth a consideration 4th or 5th round value?
  5. Huerter or D white, better ROS Outlook?
  6. I like House, his minutes are there, Rockets don’t run too deep
  7. I’m cutting him loose after today, he can’t even get PT against the hornets, time to drop
  8. Is it fair to expect 24/9/4/1/1 and two 3’s per game the ROS?
  9. Hang on for the ride, this guy will win you leagues down the stretch when Memphis is towards the bottom of the standings
  10. Safe to drop this hot piece of trash in a 14 man?
  11. Thanks for the stats, I'm just thinking TY has never scored more than 7 TD in a season, and if he is at 2 already, there isn't many more to go around. Not to mention he's undersized and Mack looks like the TD vulture of the offense. I just see him closer to 60-70 yards per game, where I feel that Jones could essentially reach that with more TD upside. At this point adams and cook are very comparable players but I could be wrong and cook ends up in the top 4 this year if his health holds
  12. I would trade your kamara, getting that kind of top notch WR and depth gives you an edge