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  1. He’s just holding out until he gets his boy DLO there with him
  2. Fantastic. Was waiting for this move. I’m on board
  3. Very interesting position. What appeared to be a simple stream has become a player who I'm reluctant to drop. Wonder what happens to him with Beal now back....
  4. Clearly there is something going on. Just to say he's "soft" is stupid to me. He came into this season not missing consecutive games. Like give it a break. Whether it's an actual injury or friction with front office something is going on beyond his Knee.
  5. With WCJ out he’s an instant pickup. Chicago has no idea that they should play Gafford instead lol
  6. I think he’s better than Zion for sure at this point
  7. Yeah I picked him up lol I’m on the train
  8. I don’t think of shutting down. I think of season ending surgery or injury that lasts until April
  9. Yeah, it’s beginning to scare me too. Maybe I should make a trade....... I hope he doesn’t get shutdown