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  1. I would do this trade just to have the vastly superior player, even with the missed B2B. Plus you dont have any shutdown candidates that will miss games down the stretch due to rest
  2. I would drop Nance immediately. I own Lopez and have for the last 2 years. He goes through shooting slumps but the good FT great blocks and some 3s are always there. You take him as a specialist anyways. Nance has upaide if Love gets traded
  3. I would go with Lonzo, Murray has too much upside
  4. So Beal has starting slumping thia year and I'm wondering if he will shoot better knowing he's carrying the offense night in night out. 12 team league and I currently also have Harden and Jrue. Beal will kill my TO but it's already through the roof with Harden Thougts? Thanks guys!
  5. Also I forgot to add I also have Otto porter who I thought would give me equal value to covington.. so far that's far from being the case
  6. Davis for sure. Oladipo just won't be quite as good as last year I think and Davis is the best player in this trade
  7. Same here. Apart from Drummond there isnt anything interesting. I see Giannis averaging over 11 rebounds a game this year as he is playing some center with 4 shooters around him, so even drummond's only statistical advantage in rebounds wont be my more than 4-5 rebounds. Keep giannis
  8. Just because of injuries no way. I'm worried about Butler missing 1 outta 3 games or so because of the trade talks and random resting however.
  9. 9 cat League H2H weekly. I also have Giannis Derozan Hardaway Jr Ibaka Levert I'm leaning towards pulling the trigger on this trade. I lose a bit of 3s and steals but the rest is no doubt a win. Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. AD, Embiid, Paul.. all players who will most likely miss time due to rest or injuries. I currently have AD and it's driving me nuts. Paul is thriving in houston's system so he could be worth it for sure. And his workload is lesser than with LA so he's less likely to get hurt.
  11. Definitely keep Harden. He does not miss games, and the top players have too much swing to trade for lower tier players IMO.
  12. Trying this again for more replies. 9 CAT league, Head to Head My CP3 and Porzingis for Cousins and Devin Booker Thanks for the help!
  13. Jaylen Brown. I'm not sure how Fultz will adjust to playing with future stars like Simmons and Embiid dominating the ball.
  14. I agree with the Embiid side too. He's a monster and he looks to be healthy (knock on wood, duh)
  15. Turner definitely. He will get the minutes. Conley's return will affect Tyreke