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  1. I really like this idea. It definitely adds a new element to fantasy. The only problem would be the real life bye weeks. I’m picturing a dominant fantasy team with 5-6 players on a bye all the same week. Where a single loss wouldn’t make a difference in the big picture, it would matter a lot with a guillotine-style elimination. You’d have to drop valuable assets just to survive the week. This format would only work in leagues with really deep benches.
  2. Was this your attempt at humor, or did you mean to say 14+ team leagues?
  3. It’s simple if you have low risk options to plug in for Cooper than this is the week to do it. Even Dak is projected to struggle in this one. If not, then you put him in your lineup and hope for the best. I invested in Cooper in all of my leagues and have no choice but to use him in 2 of 3 leagues. Welcome to week 12. Hold on to your butts.
  4. Most people aren’t considering anyone a buy low at this point as the trade deadline past by for most of us weeks ago.
  5. MIA - Patrick Laird - currently the most talented RB on the team roster. Currently sitting behind one of the least talented RBs in the NFL. That could all change after this weekend.
  6. Except Arizona is playing on Thursday night. So unless you have a time machine available, he needs to be on your bench this week.
  7. It seems like coaches are using this as an edge against their opponents these days. Johnson or Edmunds? Kamara or Murray? It’s a little more difficult to gameplan against the unknown.
  8. That’s 8 total value picks. Only 2 of those guys were available after most (if not all) drafts. So yeah, TE is a wasteland this year. 6-pt ceilings and donut floors for every other TE out there. And now Herndon gets re-added to the dump. Good luck to all those trying to chase TE pts from the previous week. It’s a complete crapshoot.
  9. Sneaky pickup for those who play in Yahoo and have Waller (bye next week) as their only TE. Ricky Seal-Jones is currently a free pick-up until the start of tonight’s game, assuming you have someone on your bench that can be dropped. RSJ has taken over for Njoku as Cleveland’s starting TE. Currently only 4% owned.
  10. I “believe” he’s banished to my bench, until this team stops treating him like a 3rd string running back.
  11. Are you playing in a 6-team league or something? I look out into the TE landscape in my league and all I see are headaches and despair.
  12. I already feel better about my team thanks to Waller. I can put Hooper away on my bench where he belongs. Why the heck did I draft that guy again?
  13. Lost last night by a score of 168.84 to 169.18. Less than half a point. Rodgers finally scores big for my opponent putting up 42 pts in a meaningless game for the Packers. But hey, at least I had the chance to defend last year’s championship and put up a heck of a fight up until the end with Russell Wilson. Until next season...
  14. I don’t usually reach out for help, but I’m definitely conflicted about this decision. Which option is the better start for Semi-Final Week 15? Calvin Ridley vs. the Cardinals? or Josh Reynolds vs. the Eagles? Other factors to consider: - Matt Ryan is my QB. Could be a low scoring affair with a weak Arizona offense. The running game could dominate. - Patrick Peterson could be all over Julio opening things up for Ridley to make some big plays. - On the other side, I have Woods as one of my other receivers. If Woods sees heavy coverage in the slot, Reynolds could make up for it. - Eagles are playing better football on the offensive side of the ball. Could lead to a potential shoot-out between Wentz and Goff. I’m leaning towards Reynolds, but was hoping for some insight that I might have missed. Thanks and good luck to those fighting their way to the Championship match.
  15. Did you put out a hit on the rest of your leaguemates to pull off a waiver feat such as this? Seems like they all fell asleep at the wheel to let you sneak off with that haul.