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  1. I understand that the packers are pretty conservative when it comes to injuries. Look at what they did with Davante Adams. But the fact that Jones felt he was ready and was pushing to play last week makes me think its more likely that Jones will play this week 😕
  2. What the boys should be doing is trading for o-line guys to salvage this season. Not trading away DE dudes for draft picks...
  3. Also Adam Gase relinquished play calling duties, so maybe this may help Perine's value?
  4. Snap count and % increased. Swift is slowly taking over the Lions backfield
  5. I do agree that he didn't perform well last 2 games. But couple of factors to keep in mind: (1) DJ Chark was injured and just came back 2 weeks ago; (2) defenses stacked the box against Minshew; (3) CT was not on the covid list. If you look at his usage this past weekend against LAC, Robinson was literally on most if not all of the snaps, basically assuming CT's 3rd down role. Chargers didn't stack the boxes at much which gave Robison more running lanes. But even other teams do stack the boxes, as long as CT is out and Robinson gets 3rd down and used in 2 minute drills, he definitely has the skills to be in the RB1 tier (can't forget garbage time points) Once DJ Chark gets his groove back and the offense develops a solidified identity, I see tons of value for our boy Robinson.
  6. Hopefully he isn't a 1 week rental.. that being said Carlos hyde and chase edmonds may be good replacements
  7. I was listening to some podcasts re: TB WR situation with AB in the mix. The consensus seems to be that Godwin will still keep his role, taking short intermediate passes in the slot. AB will most likely be lined up wide, which would definitely hurt Evans more than Godwin.
  8. He's been uber efficient with his targets. As long as this keeps up (although more targets on a weekly basis would be nice), he is definitely the WR2 that most of us drafted him for
  9. I am concerned too... for some reason Zac Taylor sees Gio as a better 3rd down back than Joe. Think we're having an issue where each back caps the other's production/value
  10. Seriously he is definitely in the RB1 conversation. Getting 15-18 touches on a weekly basis with TD upside. You can't ask for more
  11. Im so glad I hung on to this guy despite his slump in the first few weeks. Guess our patience is paying off!
  12. This is a good trade for you! It may be slightly in favor of the side receiving drake and AB but getting a major upgrade at your TE spot is a win
  13. i Just did d swift + robert woods for adams. thanks for your help!
  14. Any word on Bryan Edwards being active? Having two of their best WRs (including Ruggs) would definitely make things easier for Jacobs