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  1. I agree with this point... perhaps kupp is being covered more?
  2. Never thought I would be thinking this during the first half of the season, but im considering starting Miller [...] this week
  3. Let's just hope that despite Jones' rookie ways, Saquon can still find good enough holes to make an impact
  4. Just rule him out already so i can make more waiver claims...
  5. Jonnu might be interesting this week. I figure AJ Brown gets the lattimore treatment... tannehill is gonna have to make some short throws to move the ball up the field
  6. an insane athlete with superhuman healing powers (aka wolverine minus the adamantium)
  7. The issue is that all his production came from garbage time when the defense basically gave up. Next week rams plays the 49ers... i doubt they will let goff air it out in the second half of the fourth quarter even if they are up multiple tds.... they got embarassed yesterday against the falcolns and my guess is will bring the heat against a beatable goff/rams
  8. Crossing fingers too. Renfrow was back last week at practice so we should keep a close look at practice reports this week
  9. He looked god awful yesterday against the bengals... can we can trust him against the bills this saturday?
  10. Im starting him over Aaron Jones this week
  11. This is exactly what im trying to do Rolling with Myers for this week
  12. Rolling him out this week and not feeling confident at all LOL
  13. I think the real question is can the Cowboys stop the run. Another consideration is whether the Cowboys can get ahead of the Ram by 2+ TDs. If these two factors come to fruition, McVay will have no choice but to use his WRs more. Let's just hope that this is the case
  14. Definitely an easy drop for me now... no more alshon, banged up nelson... guys like Jimmy G and Ryan Tannehill (who may be on your waiver) have more upside IMO