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  1. Is this coaching change good for him? I know JB is kind of a moron, but Beilein only played him 22 minutes the last game. While TT, who has one foot out the door and should be waived, plays 26. Man, talk about trading for a guy just to disrespect him
  2. Hopefully this means he has mostly games like he did 2 weeks ago, where with no Kyrie he went off and scored almost 150 fantasy points in 3 games. Last week he was a little lackluster with only 60 in two games even with no Kyrie. If hes more like the former as opposed to the latter ROS, that can put lots of teams over the hump and make it worth the wait all year. (I had actually dropped him for about 2 weeks but picked him back up after that 1st huge game)
  3. No. I think he wants to play all 82 regardless
  4. This man just doesn't get enough respect
  5. AC FORUM!!! Seriously though, probably Rubio for me. He has a permanent starting job. But at the same time, it does seem like Boston's 1-4 guys keep rotating being out with nagging injuries. I'd still go Rubio though
  6. It was clear as day, Zach Lavine alley-oop to Hutch. How the eff does Satoransky get the assist? He didn't even have a hockey assist, let alone an actual one. It was a Zach steal, then the fast beak. Satoransky never even touched the ball on that possession. 👎
  7. What a game! They still owe him an assist
  8. Watching the game. This is annoying as piss. 6:56 Mark of the 3rd quarter. Zach lobs it to Hutchison for an alley-oop...... And the assist is credited to Satoransky. SMDH
  9. Nah I dropped. He was back for what? 3 weeks? And Brooks still refused to give him consistent minutes. Now after a setback, he's gonna be even more bubble wrapped ROS
  10. In the East, that's sorta like being the nicest guy in prison
  11. I'm in points leagues. So even with him getting penalized 9 points for those 9 turnovers, he more than made it up with 32 points, 5 threes, 8 assists and 4 stocks. Most of all I love his attitude. He was questionable to play. One of the commentators said that before the game, that Zach said something like "I've already missed too many games in my career", and he wants to show leadership and get out there for 82 this year. He's a rarity. And more often than not his lines are very good. And for you category players, I presume that if Zach is a main piece on your teams, then your probably in a punt TO build anyway. That's been his biggest wart this year. And as a Bulls fan that watches most of his games, I can tell you first hand that his teammates blow a lot of assists on him with their lack of shot making.
  12. Weekly league and just combine both weeks into 1 full match