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  1. Just to add, the people that keep saying we need to have free universal health care, whos gonna pay for it? Nothing in life is free. If our government is footing the bill for 100% of everybody's healthcare needs, how are they going to pay for all that? Squeeze the working class for more than they already are?
  2. True. But if the playoffs don't happen, we still have 20 weeks worth of data that shows who the best teams were. The team that ended a 20 week season at the top deserves the championship in the archive. But I'm still planning prize moneywise to split it between all 4 remaining teams
  3. This also assumes that Isaac and Bagley would even be thrown right back in on heavy minutes. Both would probably be limited, and theres won't be enough season left to where you get them both at full throttle
  4. Haven't yet. But gonna see if everybodys on board with the final 4 teams splitting the playoff pie 4 ways. I kinda feel like since the postseason wasn't able to finish, that we should turn to the RS standings and award by that. But I'm guessing the 4 way split pisses less people off
  5. I know very few teams would be down, but I wanna skip the redraft next year and for this one time, roll over our rosters. I have unfinished business and it's bullshit that my masterfully assembled team isn't going to get a chance to close the deal, only to now have to get broken up
  6. Well I guess from all this discussion, I must be misremembering things. For some reason I thought the Magic applied for and were granted a cap exemption, meaning he CANT play again this season. But seeing how wet you guys are about this whole thing, I must be wrong. Lol
  7. Yea but part of the problem is, how many games will be played? And especially after this long a** layoff, I just don't see the lottery teams playing their stars every night as this point. In my league that I run it was already in the middle of the semis. Finals was supposed to start Monday. I end my seasons early for two reasons: one, it's a 10 team league. It's only fair that everybody plays everybody twice. Fair schedule. And two, I wanna try and beat some of the extreme stretch run tanking and star sitting from lottery teams that are trying to move up in the draft the last month, and/or set playoff teams that can afford to coast and rest their stars down the stretch.
  8. I'm a little less optimistic, for sure I'm terms of fantasy. If the regular season even does return, it would probably be like a 10 game schedule. And the only teams that won't be sitting their stars for a good chunk of them are the teams still fighting for position. Like, do you think the Wizards will play Beal all 10 games? The Bulls Lavine now that 82 is out the window? Now as a Bulls fan, I hope they do give us every possible game of starting Zach and Coby together and give us a preview on if it appears to be a good pairing or not, but I'm not counting on it. Warriors certainly ain't playing Steph every game, etc. I'm guessing Mitchell, Gobert and wood won't be seen again this season. The whole reason why I run my leagues to where playoffs end with 4 weeks left in the NBA season, is to try and possibly beat some of those late season shutdowns and rest games for teams whose position is settled. I don't think it's a good idea to start the playoffs when there will be so little season left, AND after a long layoff.
  9. I agree more with the guys that are saying just go by the standings. This season has gone on for 19 weeks (20 if you don't combine the all-star half weeks). The teams at the top have earned it. I mean, maybe it's a good solution to give all playoff teams an even share. But that virtual trophy has to go to somebody. The 1st place team makes the most sense.
  10. They would just make the games up later. Would be kind of cool to see playoffs in June and finals in july
  11. Milton is actually one of the very few that go 4-4 the next two weeks
  12. You gotta get there first. Am I supposed to not draft Devin Booker in the middle of the 2nd round to take a less reliable Kyrie Irving just because his playoff schedule was better? Or not draft Siakam in the 4th round? Those guys were great picks. The one year I did nothing but draft for playoff schedules, all 3 guys (Curry, Gasol, Lawson) ended up getting a rest day anyway. So it didn't even matter. A few years back when Mudiay was a hot rookie and looked great in preseason atleast in my points league format, I was close between him and Reggie Jackson. Went with mudiay due to better playoff schedule. Oops. Another year went Brook Lopez over Melo due to playoff schedule. They were about the same thru the RS, and Lopez got a rest day anyway. This year, 5th round, I'm on the fence between Rozier and Sabonis. Figured I needed to balance out my playoff schedule, so went Rozier. Now after last night, that might actually turn out to work out in the end. But this entire RS, that was another oops. So every time I've done that it's backfired. Gotta draft the best players. You shouldn't have to draft or not draft guys based on their schedule 4 months later. Injuries and trades happen too. Disclaimer: I only play in points leagues. I'm sure all those aforementioned guys have much different values and outlooks than in category
  13. Not always true. Like this week I'm in the playoffs and I gotta do battle without: Lavine- injured Booker- 2 games Siakam- 2 games Wood - 2 games So after 4 months of hard dedication and being in 1st wire to wire, all may get thrown in the trash because of one week where I had multiple studs without games. If someone beats me it's not because the cream rose to the top, it's because they had a better schedule. Playoffs make more sense in football because every player has the same amount of games (1) per week.
  14. How is he still available? But I'm pretty sure Simmons is done for the fantasy season