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  1. Was offered Tim Hardaway Jr. for my Batum in a 9-cat league with DDs instead of TOs. Should I do it? Both players are playing but have been hit with nagging injuries this season and I'm trying to figure out who would be worth more down the stretch considering their team's playoff hopes/consistent playing time and the players' shutdown risk. Thanks leave a link!
  2. it's close but i think the aldridge side wins. wiggins and barnes give you similar production and aldridge probably will produce more than dunn in a points league on average. gary harris edges out booker easily as i don't see booker playing as much down the stretch.
  3. i would pull the trigger in a heartbeat. first of all you're getting the best player by far in the trade. second of all, you're giving up players all with question marks ROS. batum's elbow is bothering him and the hornets aren't going anywhere, and dinwiddie will take a pretty huge hit once d'angelo russell comes back, while rondo can get hot and cold, which is annoying in fantasy. last of all, the listed waiver pickups available also contain quality players that can almost replicate the production of the players you're giving up (e.g. ball for rondo) and give you flexibility in case a hot free agent or pickup appears or if you wanna stash someone.
  4. nets offense has been fast-paced this season which does not suit okafor's game at all. the coaching staff will have to change up things to better fit okafor's skillset so i wouldn't use your waiver 1 on him. wait a few games and see how he does.
  5. there's always the question mark of what might happen to love once isaiah thomas comes back, but even ignoring that i still think capela is better for your team
  6. gobert has actually been improving his ft% every year since being a starter. He's at a respectable 71.7% as of now. I think it could be sustainable or at least be around 68% this year, which I would not consider a force punt ft player. As for the trade as a whole, I would give up melo and adams if i could get gobert and wiggins. Although you may lose out on some 3s and potentially some ft, you're getting a consistent force in rebounds, blocks, and fg% in gobert and a solid scorer in wiggins whom i would consider close to melo in terms of overall value.
  7. i guess it depends on whether or not you think you can hold onto dead weight for 2-3 months and if your success has come with streaming the open slot that millsap will take up. you never know who might feel like claiming him in a 16 team league so it's a risk to hope that no one lays a waiver claim on him. personally, i wouldn't use the waiver claim on him as his injury may take longer than expected to heal and you could be bypassing other good pickups by hoping millsap will be worth the wait.
  8. yes i would do it as KAT and boogie are close in value and on top of that youre getting an additional solid asset in fournier.
  9. i would take B but keep in mind lebron and draymond may rest in games down the stretch and with the clippers reeling BG may not play as much as the season winds down too. only gasol may face a similar treatment with the grizzilies falling down the standings for A but B definitely has the better players
  10. if he offered you that proposal, don't hesitate -- run with it before he changes his mind.