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  1. somebody dropped him in my league too. was gonna burn my 2nd waiver but decided against it. nobody picked him up so i added him.. you might not have to burn your waiver
  2. Im trying to get Kawhi from an owner in my league my kemba and murray for his kawhi too much or good enough?
  3. yeah im waiting for the stls and 3s to drop. Traded bledsoe for him for the %. Being patient atm
  4. tell me about it. i thought my first week was gonna be cake. im in second struggling to the 7th seed and he has KYRIE and STEPH hurt and now KD. But his team was over performing and my team was underperforming. Im holding on 6-5 by a thread, by 3pt% so no KD helps me. Im missing whiteside and nance. The most stressful start to playoffs ever
  5. i mean i feel you. i held on to him for a while cause i needed a pg but when i said he aint worth it i meant to me. hes been bricking my fg% and not enough consistent steals or boards. He actually doesnt fit my build just need a pg but in my current matchup i need assists, almost guaranteed assists so i passed on him for Augustine as a streamer. Somebody just picked him up in my league now they saying he might rest that game along with no back to backs. Bulls cant be trusted. Best of luck to you my brother. I know how stressful this first week has been cause mine has been sh*t
  6. he single handedly tanked my fg% dropped earlier in the week for augustine and he hasnt let me down yet. Lavine aint worth it if he dont play back to back
  7. i wouldnt say so if he has no setbacks today and its not a back to back
  8. dropped jabari for him dropped lavine for augustine dropped pau for bam since whiteside hurt took a gamble on reek with the last pick up. thank the lord
  9. picked him uup this morning with my last waiver and nance out along with whiteside so now i could have potentially 3 hurt players 1st week of the playoffs. GREAT
  10. bull**** cause rotoworld said he was gonna play barring a set back. **** this. Whole team underperforming. I cant even beat a team that dont have kyrie or steph and im in 2nd place Whiteside, now nance, whole team in 2 days got no steals or blocks and those are my top cats meanwhile terry rozier giving my opponent 3 blocks Fantasy Gods must hate me
  11. This. Cant drop whiteside at this point. I refuse to let someone pick him up and beat me with him later. Im going down with the ship. Really hurt me yesterday right at the start of the playoffs. Might not even make it to next week smh
  12. lmao i remember that. I def dont think its as bad as reggies but definitely not as light as Aldridge. I say hes back Tuesday or Thursday of next week but definitely missing the b2b
  13. i hope hes back tuesday. god i hope hes back for the beginning of my playoffs.
  14. definitely missing the next 2 games. So lets hope for tuesday....thursday at the latest....anymore than that and thats prob torture thank god im in 2nd about to take first and got an EZZZZZZ matchup 1st round