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  1. Great job quoting a post from 2 months ago doofus.
  2. I thought Damien Williams was going to be a stud....soooo....yeah
  3. 1. I didn't avoid KJ, I kept him 2. Dalvin Cook's situation is much better than KJ's and he's a better, more explosive back. 3. KJ's injury history makes Fournette and Dalvin look like Lou Gehrig.
  4. This is what this guy does. He's a super talented RB but he will kill you with the injuries. He's had a knee injury in two college seasons. Then he got a knee injury last year after 150 touches. This year he got a knee injury after 101 touches. If he had his talent on the Rams, Chiefs, 9ers, Packers, then hell yeah he'd be worth the risk and the missed games. But he's on the Lions and sometimes they're not effective in the run game. It really makes you have to worry about what role you'd allow him to play in your team-building strategy in the future. Dude wasn't even a top 20-back and he was getting the most valuable work in his backfield. It stinks because he has the talent, but there are things that always seem to be going against him. As far as this year goes, let's just hope he returns healthy and is able to produce down the stretch with no setbacks.
  5. If you are going against the KC defense you'd like to see Flacco at least acknowledge that there are a bunch of 250 pound men charging him on every play.
  6. If Josh Jacobs is available coming off a bye this week he should be considered.
  7. They're already trying to light him up.
  8. I don't think any CMC owner would do this trade. McCaffrey is putting up #s that can single handedly win you your league. He's on pace for 2600 yards and 22 touchdowns.
  9. Aaron Jones is a top 5 type back. Really, how many guys would you want more than him? Would you trade him + a WR for Ekeler? David Johnson? Fournette? Derrick Henry? You're not going to be able to get McCaffrey for him, maybe Kamara or Cook if their owners are desperate at WR and you're offering a top WR type as well.
  10. Howard isn't the best back in the world but the zone run game is his thing. It is also the Eagles thing. Sanders has his explosive moments, but if he has a breakout week coming it'll be because he takes a non-GL run or reception to the house, not because he got better opportunities than Howard.
  11. Very surprised that they were unable to get any points against an Eagles team that had given up 7 sacks and 5 turnovers through 3 games.
  12. Sanders has a problem with being decisive right now and while he has decent speed he's not bursting through seams. When there's a wide-open, obvious hole Sanders hits it hard, but on plays where a lane is slower to develop he trots/chop steps towards his blockers and either gets grabbed at the line or trotting his way through a hole for a small gain when there were more yards to be had if he hit it hard and accelerates quickly. This is particularly evident on their stretch run plays. Howard on the other hand was running aggressively last night which is why he had great production and earned the red zone/goal line confidence of the coaching staff. It's encouraging to see Sanders at least make the mental attempt to follow the play design and his blockers and obviously not everyone is Bell or Shady, with quick bursts and agility to get them through the seams with immediacy, but the Eagles line is good and unless Sanders starts running harder he's not going to be able to put enough good stuff on film weekly to warrant stepping up his role.
  13. Sanders left a bunch of yards on the field last night. He just doesn't look particularly sharp and in a game where Jordan Howard looks like Emmitt Smith you'd have expected more from Sanders than 1 big run.
  14. According to Football Outsiders, Seattl's O-line is averaging 3.34 adjusted line yards per carry, 18th in the NFL, as compared to 4.5 last year, which was 9th best in the league. This is a bit of a surprise, since the most of the line is in tact from last year and they added Iupati.
  15. Yes perhaps. As long as he doesn't fumble.