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  1. He hasn't been a No-brainer QB1 for 2 years now. He's only had five games of three or more touchdowns and only eight games of 300+ passing yards during that span. Things aren't looking any brighter this year.
  2. Yeah it's obviously pushing it in this particular case, but with regards to stocks, which was my main point, the President cannot trade buy/sell stocks while in office.
  3. Actually Presidents aren't allowed to buy or sell stocks while in office for exactly that reason. They're also not allowed to operate any companies that they might own when elected, it all must be entered into a blind trust or liquidated.
  4. If you actually read the article and click through to the original study that the Post article is "summarizing," you will see: 1. 37% of polled doctors called Hydrochloroquine the most effective. 37% is not a majority. 2. AZT is the 2nd most commonly prescribed treatment, it's effectiveness is not mentioned at all. I'm not saying whether or not these combinations work, I have no clue. But if we're going to cite the professionals, let's do it correctly.
  5. I wasn't asking for my own benefit. I already have my own thoughts on Henderson, I was just joking around.
  6. Yeah but we're not posting on a fantasy forum in early April for a "let's wait and see," analysis here, man. Is he gonna be good or not?
  7. Yeah I suppose that's the idea behind the franchise tag in general: you get an opportunity to stall and see if things pan out in the short term in your favor. You just don't often see guys get tagged for a "prove-it," situation where "prove it," means "prove you can walk."
  8. KJ has now suffered A season ending knee injury that cost him the final 8 games in 2019 after just 123 touches. A season ending knee injury that cost him the final 6 games of 2018 after just 150 touches. Shoulder and thigh/hamstring injuries that cost him 2 full games and knocked him out of one game at Auburn in 2017. An ankle sprain that cost him one game in 2016 at Auburn. A shoulder injury in late 2015 that required surgery in the offseason before the 2016 season at Auburn. Injuries to his left and right shoulder, a sprained MCL and broken thumb while in high school. You don't need to be Will Hunting to figure out the pattern here.
  9. The Chargers kinda did last year, no?
  10. Before the season starts though? I can see hamstringing your cap on a guy who's guaranteed to give you Pro Bowl production while you stall and try to work out a long term deal, but nobody knows if this guy even has half a season in him anymore.
  11. He's only a JAG in the sense that most RB's in the league are JAGs. His problem is that despite being huge he doesn't bring the complimentary "Thunder," to Lindsay's "Lightning."
  12. Most teams use the franchise tag to exploit their pro-bowlers that they don't want to give a long term deal to. The Bengals use it on a guy who has 1 catch in the last 16 months.
  13. Great job quoting a post from 2 months ago doofus.
  14. I thought Damien Williams was going to be a stud....soooo....yeah
  15. 1. I didn't avoid KJ, I kept him 2. Dalvin Cook's situation is much better than KJ's and he's a better, more explosive back. 3. KJ's injury history makes Fournette and Dalvin look like Lou Gehrig.