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  1. I appreciate it. I am speaking with my Co-Commish about how we are going to handle that. The IL spot was a cool idea that we thought would help out teams this year with COVID and all but I am not a fan of having to take the guy out of the lineup before 1st pitch of the first game of the day. Plenty of the guys work until 5 pm and if the Cubs have an afternoon game or something it's not cool that an owner couldn't take a healthy guy out of the IL spot and put him in his starting lineup. We never ran into the roster freeing thing because we use waivers to pick up free agents and don't allow add/drops the day of games. We are thinking about just turning the IL spot into an extra roster spot so we don't have to deal with this problem happening again which by the state baseball is in right now is likely. What a shame.
  2. Thanks for the information. I actually am the league commissioner which adds another wrinkle, especially because Moustakas had a big game last night. What is even worse is that I don't believe I would have even been able to put him back in the IL spot after I took him out because our setting is that only players with the IL label next to their name can be put in that spot. Seems like poor design by cbssports unless I'm missing some logic.
  3. I had a big problem with taking Moustakas out of my IL spot in my cbssports league. Anybody familiar with that I might of done wrong or how it works here is what happened.... Mike Moustakas was on the IL with suspected COVID yesterday in the morning. Apparently he petitioned to get reinstated after a few negative tests and MLB reinstate him. I checked my lineup around 6pm and it said he was in the lineup and hitting 4th. Great. Per rules in my league when a player comes off the IL he needs to be taken out of the IL spot in a reasonable amount of time, Plus I wanted to start him anyway so at 6:02 I dropped Abraham Toto to make room, I took Moustakas off the IL spot and inserted him in my lineup, and moved Yandy to the bench. All the players involved didn’t have their game until 7. That should have been the end of it but for some reason on my lineup page it says that I have 8 reserve players (max is 7) and my lineup is illegal, Toto is showing on my bench but even when I click on his name he is showing on waivers and available to be added. Not sure what happened here,We even had me drop Meijia as a troubleshooting step just to see if that made a difference but once again he still showed up on my lineup page but shows up as a free agent everywhere else. Illegal lineups score 0 points in my league and I couldn't find anyway to make it legal before 7 pm first pitch...
  4. If you got him with 2B eligibility in your league I would consider that a blessing based on the potential he can provide there, I wouldn't wait too long to pick him up myself.
  5. Thanks that did it. I never used the league details page to make commish level changes, I would always just use the commish link from the homepage so thank you for the insight.
  6. I'm actually experiencing the same thing, this is our first year using the IL spot. We also have a "minor league" spot which is also allowing teams to put non minor league players there. Any update here? Were you able to change any settings to fix this? Are you sure about this? Only because I have scoured the commish options and I can't find anything that impedes the ability to just put anyone in that spot. If you have any information that could help me it would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. I say say burger... let’s play ball!
  8. Not sure how much speculation and or projection you want in this thread but a blurb came out about Mike Trout who has a pregnant wife and he said he could definitely envision a situation where he sits out. Also Yordan Alvarez hasn’t shown up to camp for “undisclosed reasons” , maybe Covid maybe not. I know the guessing game doesn’t necessarily do any good but hey a lot of people are backed up on the opportunity to share about fantasy baseball players so I figured I’d post this.
  9. That’s completely up to you but for us it is. We have been using the premium version for our keeper league for the last 20 years. It’s $150 Per season for it, and we have 18 owners so it’s less than 10 bucks a man. Plus our league is unique in its roster so we like the customization. Maybe they will be offering a discount this year or something if you are concerned about the price.
  10. We are keeping our league H2H in a sense , but every week each team will face off against 2, or 3 opponents. We are doing it this way so that every team ends up playing every other team in the league once. In the end each team will have 17 regular season decisions instead of our normal format which is 22 weeks. Not bad.
  11. Drop it dude you’re not gonna win this one. If China took less selfish precautions to begin with the world wouldn’t be in this mess.
  12. How’s everyone dealing with this as far as their drafts go? Mine is scheduled for next Wednesday, it’s an online thing but we have 18 owners and this date was agreed upon a month ago. If we push it back there may be an owner or two who can’t make the new date which would be unfortunate and put them at a disadvantage. If we do it now besides the fact guys won’t have a grip on spring training It just feels like it will be a little uninspired considering we don’t know when opening day will be pushed back until.
  13. Gary Sanchez finishes top 3 in MVP voting.
  14. Grandal hit .246 last year and Sanchez hit .232. And Grandal OBP was 61 points higher. Sanchez is more injury prone, he averaged 397 AB's per year the last 3 years to Grandal's 464. I'd normally agree with you about the new pitcher's but we are talking about the AL Central here, he's going to be just fine. I guess what I meant by safe is which player is the better bet to have at least a "good/solid" year and my money would be on Grandal but like I said it's close. And this here is just silly and not even worthy of a response other than to point out how silly it is.