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  1. Can’t remember a bigger disappointment as the #1 pick.
  2. I’m in same boat. If he goes to a really good team like Packers, Pats, Raiders, etc I could see him being 4th round pick. For that very reason I plan on keeping.
  3. I wouldn’t start Breida unless I had no other opinions.
  4. Being undefeated at this point in the season and being ranked 1 on numerous power rankings does not classify you as elite?
  5. Need a WR off waivers this week. Here are my options in order of where they are at in mind (PPR league): C.Conley - with Dede banged up and playing against Houston he has attraction K. Stills - ditto to the above with Fuller out and playing against JAX he has attraction Danny Amendola - PPR and he has been getting a lot of targets. Oakland is a nice match-up. Thank you in advance
  6. Hamstrings are a one of the most frustrating injuries for FF purposes.
  7. You would trust Mixon over what got you there?
  8. Could have easily had 3 TDS the last two weeks. He is trending in the right direction, I doubt their are many WRs with higher upside on the waiver wire. His ceiling is a WR2 by playoffs.