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  1. C'mon man.... Everyone and their brother was saying McKinnon would get first crack and would need to bore the coach before Hasty got a true shot. Nobody saw Wilson being the lead coming into this game. I agree with your take on Coleman.
  2. McKinnon legs looked shot with the additional big load shanny gave him. It's going be RBBC with the hot hand getting the grunt of shannys load. My money would be on Hasty.
  3. If he is healthy he plays. No question about it.
  4. Kyle is making him earn it, he want's to see that he will take care of the ball and protect when needed. I fully expect Tevin and Jerrick's roles to increase. If they don't produce and Hasty keeps showing the explosiveness that he has then Hasty will get more opportunities. Hasty should be rostered in all leagues IMO.... He is not rostered in my 10 team league, I just hope I can drop B. Scott for him this week.
  5. Deebo actually played RB on a handful of snaps. Juice also got quite a few carriers. Shannahan is an offensive god. Wilson looked like the second coming of Terrell Davis before pulling the hat trick and his ankle.
  6. I am carrying two as well.... No plans to pull Herbert.
  7. [...] Lots of Rams fans in LA and less Charger fans. I feel like a lot of those people will switch once they realize they have a potential HOF QB playing across the hall at Sofi. I am joking and getting ahead of myself so take it easy. But this kid is the truth. In the NBA trade value is a great measuring stick. Luca is far and away the leader at that right now. In the NFL I would put this kid up there with Lamar Jackson.
  8. Terry almost had a second TD, literally 2 inches short. Guy is close to matchup proof.
  9. He started holding his leg immediately after his run at the end of the third. Hope it’s minor but he looked hurt. He was laying wood on said be tacklers all day. He’s one of the most violent players in the league.
  10. Nobody takes away Kittle. He eats when they want him to eat. I agree likely not the best matchup. I could see Aiyuk getting the Gilmore treatment.
  11. I feel good about grabbing him in my keeper league and losing a late round pick next year If he works out. Not sure what will happen with him. Before the drama started he was healthy and looked like a HOF player in his prime. Hard to imagine he won’t be good when he’s back to speed.