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  1. Im saying Smith is not a promising QB that will force a lot of 3 and outs and give SEA more opportunities at various spots on the field. Lockett could see more volume this game, but DK is running a lot underneath and like tonight is matchup proof. You play him. He needs 1 play to give you 6 easy pts
  2. Imo the matchup in Washington isnt amazing, but the opportunity will be there if Alex Smith cant get it done, and thats super likely to happen.
  3. I agree but how many of those carries were at the end of the game when the eagles knew they were running. Maybe half?
  4. They were ahead, I dont think they had confidence in Wentz to pull them back in. Could have been gamescript, will be telling next game
  5. That would work if there were enough loyal fans to hold the ratings down the line, but with other sports right around the corner I just dont think theres enough to do that.
  6. The NFL is nearing the playoffs. And thats the ultimate goal is to get to the playoffs and superbowl as fast as possible. It has nothing to do with the actual game, and everything to do with the NFL and outside of a few college basketball games is the only sports on right now. Come week 16, thats not going to be the case and I think they know that things could get worse by then so theyd rather force their hand then cancel the game and things change down the line in a forfeit.
  7. Heres my issue with that. The NFL doesnt care about COVID, they just want to show the public that they are making the effort to contain it. Its all for show, but the main goal is to get the highest ratings and revenue for the season and that wont happen if they start rearranging games. I also think the NBA coming up and college basketball has something to do with this. Everyone wont be tuning in to a week 16 division rival game when its basketball season.
  8. Heres what people are not understanding, the NFL is a business, and business first. Morals, ethics out the window. They want the ratings of a divisional rival game to be played, not handing a win to a team who is already undefeated. They just played the DEN game knowing what the result would be, this is them telling teams we are the boss and follow guidelines or they have the right to treat the players as such given the contracts they sign. Its black and white business, but morally its not a right thing to do
  9. I would say otherwise. They didnt follow policy, this is the big business reminding them who is in charge knowing this could be an easy W for PIT.
  10. He does the most amount with his opportunity when you categorize the top guys but Rodgers is just on fire, its almost better in the tougher matchups but even still Williams is the REC back. Think we need to limit expectations moving forward even in a great playoff schedule
  11. Its a different year. Rodgers took over the offense this year, Jones is a RB2 with RB1 upside moving forward. Similar to James Connor for PIT
  12. Thomas had his best game of the season last week with Hill in so not sure why you say this. If anything its limiting Kamaras upside and forcing Hill to throw the ball more often than not. He needs to be viewed as a mid WR2 because of the talent but I dont think you put him in thinking he was going to go off even with Brees in this season
  13. Personally Id rather we knew he was out. Youre never benching him, but this is becoming more and more of a trend and you dont want your RB1 going down with the toughest Playoff schedule as is.
  14. Is there any indication of Thielen missing next week yet? Also if Cook misses time, this high end WR2 is a WR1 until futher notice. Easy to see he would be the best player on the team
  15. I dont understand why he wouldnt, is it not in his box score?