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  1. I was just thinking what other moves could I possibly make considering all my guards are pretty much hurt. Im just worrisome about AD for injuries late in the season, but there is a guy with Ben Simmons and Whiteside I could go for maybe an AD deal there?
  2. All my guards are hurt for a reason. I went after the teams that were hurting and sold high on some players to get 2 for 2 or sometimes 2 for 3 deals. Do i take this deal for Harden?
  3. Punting 3s/ FT% in an 8 CAT 10 team league Current roster is a little banged up PG: Vanvleet, Smart, Bledsoe, Fultz, Murray SG: Huerter SF: James, OG PF: Giannis, Davis, Collins, JJJ, Melo 😄 KAT, Drummond, Bryant, Robinson Im really hurting with my guards being out but I cant drop them. Currently 1st in my Division by 5 games, but was offered this yesterday. Given the AD injury prone news and proceeding with caution, is it worth it to pull the trigger here for Harden and Embiid even though stocks would be down significantly in blocks and rebounds?
  4. You talking this week or ROS here? I like Carr vs NYJ the most here because of how the Jets have played against the run the past 2 weeks (number 1 just above TB in the category) Brisset could be good but with Mack out, and Hilton could be held that offense could be stagnant so youre taking a risk there. Carr over either of the other 2 imo.
  5. Winston has a higher ceiling but ATL lets not forget just shut down their opponent last week and I do not have faith in Winston to be the one to beat them. Wentz is the safer play imo, so if you need a W I would roll with him but youre taking a significant risk rolling with Winston who has that higher upside
  6. I am 9-2 so my chances of making the playoffs is high is what I meant to say. Trade deadline was this morning
  7. Because no one cares about the 2nd best player unless its Dallvin Cook. You said it yourself "why not go for the best player in fantasy" so i was wondering why you didnt sell your team for Lamar. I mentioned Rodgers because of the playoff schedule and was mentioning him because you could be able to sell your guys like wilson etc for rodgers and a big piece in return i.e. a better RB2 or TE. Seems to me like youd rather be stubborn thinking youre right in standard which could be what your preference is and thats fine, but you first asked about CMC on his thread and got no response then made a post about it only for people to really not give an opinion because you come across as arrogant. Big difference in James White who has had a cap of 15 PPR pts this season and your elite guys, and its especially more impressive having guys under the radar to get the pts. In STD the TD acts as a cop out to a bad performance I.E Fornette, Henry, etc who catch zero balls but get YDS and goaline work to boost their performance.
  8. Heres my opinion, dont play standard. Standard is for people who dont know how to play fantasy and just go for the best possible player with the highest TD %s CMC just happens to be the best in both, but others like Josh Jacobs, Elliott, Carson, Jones, Fornette, Henry all hold similar value in standard and that shouldnt be the case. Would suggest branching out to PPR in the future. Kittle is hurt but has been known to play through injury, and was held last week to get him to 100% for the rest of the season and playoffs. Hopkins is still number 1 in target share and the TD are coming, so it was risky moving him but luckily you have Chark and Godwin which can replace that. Now you have 3 QB1 but dont have the best, Lamar. Is there a reason why? Rodgers also has a great playoff schedule so i would move on from Brees to do so. Murray is also a big dual threat who could have big upside given the running game has disappeared in ARI. Goodluck with your playoffs
  9. While it is an upgrade, you just lot a top 2 TE and are now having to stream. Your flex is better with how strong your RBs are, but you now have to matchup TE options
  10. My lineup is set for the playoffs. Zeke, cook, hopkins, godwin, kittle, cook TE. Def are stashed. My flex would be Kupp or Hilton. Do i take the risk and move Kupp for Hiltons schedule even though he is hurt?
  11. Tbh you shouldnt take the deal here. You have one flex yes? The upside is higher starting the 3 RBs and waiting for Hiltons return which could be soon. Dont make a move unless you have to. Dj moore is a target you could go for cheap if possible.
  12. He has Kamara then Singletary as his next best back. His best WR being Hilton, whom i love for the playoffs if he is healthy, Crowder and Marvin Jones jr. So he decent but not great anywhere outside of Kamara. He has Engram at TE but olsen as a backup so I couldnt move there. Only thing i see as a move is for Kamara, Crowder and Hilton if I could get him for Zeke and Kupp
  13. If your trade deadline hasnt passed yet you move on from Conner. The shoulder injury keeps coming up and owners will feast on the playoff schedule. If you cant trade, then Williams is the drop here even if he isnt out. Reid went to so many ppl in the backfield it has turned into whoever is hot on the week. Let someone else take that risk and stash a def for the playoffs if you can