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  1. Edmonds or Henderson? 0.5 PPR. Tough with both Gurley and DJ playing.
  2. I like Golladay - think he's poised for a big year.
  3. I actually like Evans - Giants have been giving up mid-high fantasy points to opposing WRs, and I feel like him and Jameis have to come together at some point, especially playing at home. Will be interested to see the injury report tomorrow re Mack, but am personally not excited by him.
  4. Larry Fitz vs. CAR Demarcus Robinson vs. BAL 0.5 PPR
  5. Samuels - That system is a silver platter to slot in almost any adept RB and get points out of them. High floor for sure. Ridley also does not catch balls so I'd assume a lot of the check downs will be designed with Samuels in the game. Help?
  6. Gus Edwards @ KC OR Shady McCoy vs. NYJ 0.5 PPR WHIR!!! Post Link.
  7. 1. Shady 2. Davis + Valdes-Scantling. If Cobb/Allison play, then Keke Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/727226-which-wr-do-i-start-whir/?tab=comments#comment-8154656
  8. Agholor for sure. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/727226-which-wr-do-i-start-whir/?tab=comments#comment-8154656
  9. Mixon, Coleman, Howard. Help? - http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/727226-which-wr-do-i-start-whir/?tab=comments#comment-8154656
  10. Given the recent news with Ajayi, I don't know if it completely makes sense - and given you're already stacked with WRs. I'd say wait and see what transpires this week with RB snap distribution in Philly (who will emerge as the lead back) and McCoy trade rumors until you pull the trigger. You could be sitting on a better situation than you think.
  11. Alshon Jeffery @ NYG (forecast calls for steady rain) Emmanuel Sanders vs. LAR 0.5 PPR WHIR - post link Thanks!!
  12. I don't think the trade is net net better for you, but you are very undiversified and predicated on the success of SF.
  13. Agree with your initial inclination - Golladay / Crabtree