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  1. deciding whether to pick up or grab Naz
  2. i should’ve worded that correctly.. he’ll eventually be shut down
  3. Cavs are dead last.. the shutdown is real
  4. no rush, just come back when you feel like it
  5. No, just another year of kyrie back at it again with the white vans
  6. If he can keep up with these treys and steals, i won’t be so sad about isaac anymore
  7. they’re killing me with these updates.. all this to make me believe he’ll be back this season
  8. Was very confused as to why so many owners dropped him 😂
  9. Yup, D’antoni back at it again running his players to the ground.. i’m a bit worried
  10. I wouldn’t mind shopping him for the right player but unfortunately owners in my league think he’ll fall back down to earth sooner or later
  11. KAT can take his sweet time Sincerely, Dieng owner
  12. Ranked 38th for the season and 12th for the last month in 9-cat.. lol i haven’t even noticed til now
  13. Morris is getting ruled out a day in advance.. and Sekou is making a case for min. You won’t have to worry about Morris for a while.