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  1. #Lol2ndrounder Going to give up Beal for this guy.
  2. PATRICK BEVERLEYPG, LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS Patrick Beverley (groin) will not suit up for Wednesday's game against the Hawks. He'll be joining Kawhi Leonard (rest) and Paul George (hamstring) on the sidelines tonight, so Lou Williams will get all the run he can handle tonight and will be one of the primary creators on offense. For now, we'll be considering Beverley questionable for Friday's game in Miami
  3. Depends on your standings as well. If you're in the top three, then you can hold him and see what happens.
  4. No thanks. Sekou is by far with the biggest upside if Drummond gets traded.
  5. We only have to hold for two more weeks. If Drummond doesnt get traded, I would probably drop Sekou as well.. as much as I hate to say it.
  6. It does help that Denver are missing three starters. Dont think this will be the case once Murray, Harris and Milsap return.
  7. He is apparently desperate to move up in the standings so he trades a top ten asset for two fringe 12 team league players.. Yes that makes perfect sense. Either it is a non competitive league or you are playing with guys who are just learning.
  8. I feel like if Drummond gets traded, Sekou will bludgeon his way to 12 team value because he will get the minutes and the opportunity. I guess it will all be answered once the trade deadline approaches.
  9. Clown? Only clown is your league. How are you playing in a 12 team league and Noel is on the wire?
  10. I have no clue what you just said...... But I'll have whatever you're taking.
  11. You're right. Melton doesn't. Imagine if he did play 30 mins... holy **** Trade deadline is a bit over two weeks. If people cant wait till then to drop him, then they don't deserve him.
  12. Sekou has more of a chance of getting a boost than Melton. Don't think Melton will get a boost imo, but he still provides so much value in limited mins.