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  1. Ridiculous, 17/4/5 in 10 mins. End of 1st Qtr: 22/5/5.
  2. Probably to DET team up with Griffin again. Both teams have expiring contracts in Gragic and R Jackson and in a Win-Now mode.
  3. He won't be bought out men but he will be traded (soon), probably the Heat.
  4. LAC UTA (Conley and Bogdanovic are great additions) DEN HOU LAL (Health and depth concerns, need some time to click) POR (Bazemore is a slight upgrade. Whiteside is a wild card, they badly need rebound and block) GSW(a bad defensive team, loss of Iggy is a tough blow defensively. an injury away from missing the PO, might miss even full team whole season) / SA (can't count POP out) /SAC (should have an even better season)
  5. I'm not a fan of Zion. For other Pelicans, a lot of question marks. Ingram status is unknown. Ball's shooting is unknown. Holiday might request a trade. Their forwards, Ingram/Zion/Favors/Okafor, lack outside shooting. With so many teams obviously better in the West, hard to see them in the playoffs.
  6. This is kind of cheap. Is he a better choice to the Lakers?
  7. LAC is still the team to beat. 48 wins last season and now replace Gallo with Kawhi (2X Final MVP, 2X DPOY) and PG13 (finished MVP#3 DPOY#3 last season). They get Hackless and McGruder this off season and retain Beverley, Lou and Harrell (6th man #1&2). Rosters like these are scary at both ends: Beverley / Lou / Kawhi / PG / Harrell Beverley / Lou / Shamet / Kawhi / PG (all good 3-pt shooters)
  8. The price for PG13 is steep but they get Kawhi for free. That's good. Delon Wright is a good PG replacement but they spend a heck of a lot of money on Danny Green. Maybe Melo, Shumpert, Frye, JR, Faried, Rondo, A. Bradley..... OKC is also a big winner. Sorry to LAL and Raptors fans.
  9. Kendrick Perkins: Just heard that Kawhi is meeting with the Clippers tonight but the Lakers hold the upper hand, unless Doc work his Magic tonight it’s looking very strong that Kawhi will be in Purple and Gold!!!
  10. You have to wait this biggest fish. There are still decent FAs.
  11. Updating a previous item, Goran Dragic was not included in the Miami-Dallas deal and he remains on the Heat, according to Marc Stein of the New York Times and Shams Charania of The Athletic.
  12. Still lack outside shooting a bit and it's a fantasy nightmare.
  13. Malcolm Brogdon has agreed to a four-year, $85 million deal with the Indiana Pacers Tobias Harris has agreed to a five-year, $180 million contract to return to the Philadelphia 76ers
  14. The Nets repeats it's history. They don't have money to retain their young players a few years later. KD: Out at least 1 year. So 164 Mil for 2.5-3yr. Look at the performance of DMC and Kobe after torn achilles and their subsequent injuries. KI: Another opt injured, disgruntled player.
  15. I can't believe my eye but he shouldn't play again before serious medical examination. That's an obvious knee twist.
  16. I think GSW has at least 60% in game 6 and 50% in game 7, so at least 30% chance. More optimistic: 65% in game 6 and 55% in game 7 which gives them a 36% chance.
  17. That 11 pts certainly help them. On the contrary, if the warriors didn't make the 20-0 run in game 2, it's already 0:4.
  18. From KD's expression, this injury looks more serious than the previous one. Let's pray this is not a full rupture.
  19. There should be a lot of pressure around him. At least they won this game.
  20. Yes, Ibaka played exceptionally well. Kawhi is the best player in this series and the most scary part is he is not even 100%.
  21. They don't rely on their bigs, they mostly play small ball. Gasol is the only big in recent years effective enough to keep the Warriors play Big. Let's be honestly, the Raptors beat them at both ends and is the better team. The Warriors' defense slides badly this year. Iggy and Livingston both lost their shots and GSW can't even score enough to keep afloat. Although KT shoots well tonight, his defense is not there (try not to re-aggravate the injury) and it's hard to be optimistic after this 42-min game. They need miracle in Game 5 on the road. KD I think he has a slightly torn achilles and won't be back.