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  1. Right next to gelo and melo’s jerseys.
  2. If you’re punt fg even his bad games are usually pretty good. I got him from auto draft and I’ve been happy
  3. Lol I was gonna say the same. I go to my homepage and see his line which is great but you can also stay there and watch his missed attempts add up lmao
  4. Lmao I said the same thing when I saw them. It’s a really nice addition.
  5. Remember when this guy had that one good nba game?
  6. Should’ve taken him to Exxon down the road smh I hate Casey.
  7. Boy got zapped by Steph. With him and Josh Jackson, I wonder who’s next from that old Phoenix core.
  8. I haven’t seen much of him actually playing is he strictly a SG or is there any chance he gets another tag?
  9. Kennard is a better comparison. Or if you take away the stocks Wiggins lite from this year. 17-4-4 and some threes.
  10. Oh I got him. It’s just a defense mechanism.
  11. This guy is gonna lay the biggest turd tomorrow lmao.