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  1. is Brogdon a safe pickup? He was dropped
  2. Dennis Smith Jr. Even with the pg situation he was projected pretty high and i stupidly wasted a pick on him
  3. Thong Maker had a stretch where he looked good
  4. Can’t believe I actually believed in this dude
  5. Guy had 11-5-4-1-1 across 17 min. Hopefully he can keep it up
  6. when your girl doesn’t wanna wear a THONg but you MAKER.
  7. I smell a nice line coming. I think he’s gonna be great now that he’s got mins
  8. Thon Maker puttin up lines like he’s Ron Baker.
  9. Let’s get that PF tag boys!!!!!!!!!
  10. You’d think coach would tell him to stop jackin at around 1-11 but no.
  11. I was at the game and we weren’t sure either. Thought it could’ve been minutes restriction.
  12. Honestly a suspension. He basically trucked an unwary player. He should get suspended even if it was the right move (probably was)