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  1. I have one opening in a league that is entering its 12th season. We made the switch from ESPN to Fantrax last year. Scoring is 5x5 head-to-head categories (no ties / tie goes to the home team): Runs, HR, RBI, SB, OBP; QS, SV+HLD, K, ERA, WHIP. I'm linking the Fantrax league rules page, as well as a Google Doc version of our league rules that we've added to and modified over the years. I'm also linking the team's roster. It's a competitive roster with high-level prospects, but because last year's owner did not manage his team the second half of the season, the team suffered and you'd be picking 3rd in every round of our upcoming MiLB draft (4 rounds / same order in each round). You'll keep either 12 or 13 prospects (lose your first pick if you keep 13), and the keeper deadline is midnight EST on the 31st. We begin the draft at 10 AM EST on January 2nd. A MLB draft will follow soon after to fill out your 26-man roster (snake-style draft); you'll keep either 17 or 18 MLB players (again, lose your first pick if you keep 18). Last year, we began conducting a 2-round MiLB draft during the All-Star break to make things a bit more interesting. If you're looking for a competitive, social league that will be around for another decade, this is the league for you. Please check out each of the links below, and if you're interested, fill out an application. You may also email me at if you have questions. Team Roster:;teamId=xdzlra76k3g48egs League Rules Summary: Detailed Rules Document: Application to Join:
  2. 2 teams in my ESPN Dynasty League are available this offseason. This will be the league's 11th season ! We've had some attrition the past couple years, so we're building back up to full-blown dynasty. This year, we're keeping 15 MLB and 10 MiLB players. Below, I'm linking the league Google site and the ESPN page. The two teams available are the Mariners and Red Sox (if you take a team, you can choose a new MLB team name as long as it's the correct league/division; AL West can be an AL West or Central team / AL East can be an AL East or Central team). If you're interested, please email me @ Please let me know which team you're interested in taking over. Please also include information about yourself (experience with dynasty / keeper leagues that use minor leagues, how many years you've played fantasy sports, how many leagues you're currently in, etc.). Please also provide a description about how you'd go about using the team's current MLB / MiLB talent to build a dominant franchise. Check out the other teams in the league, as well, and let me know who your best trade partners might be. More specific detail = greater likelihood that you're accepted as a member. Please let me know if you have questions. Thanks for your interest! ESPN League Page: *Google Site (rules, MiLB rosters, etc.): * Please read through the rules carefully. I'd rather not have someone join and then have to replace him/her because of a disagreement about a longstanding league rule. We have ongoing discussion about rules, but most of them have been in place since day one.
  3. We're entering our first year, and unfortunately right after the draft one of the owners had to drop out. Great group of active owners, though; we have a GroupMe set up to facilitate chat / trade talks. It's head-to-head 5x5 (R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP; K, QS, SV+HLD, ERA, WHIP) with 25-man MLB / 20-man MiLB rosters. The link to the team is below; please review the message board post with detailed league rules before inquiring; there are some specific rules that you should be aware of (especially the transaction limit + Games Started rules). If you're interested, email me at with your info. + some detailed thoughts on how you would ensure this team is competitive long-term.
  4. We're beginning our draft tomorrow (Saturday) at 9 AM. Need an owner to take over a really good team; the previous owner left abruptly. 5x5 H2H categories (R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP; K, QS, SV+HD, ERA, WHIP). We've had some turnover this year, so we scaled back keepers to 12 MLB / 12 MiLB to give new owners a chance to build their own teams. We play on ESPN, but we'll be drafting (13 rounds) on Fantrax since it allows for 4 hours between picks. I've already got the roster loaded up and ready to go for the draft. Check out the link to the team and email me at if you're interested. I can share the minor league roster with you (it includes Garrett Whitley and David Dahl). Only experienced owners, please, and only inquire if you want to be in the league for the long haul; we're going into year 10, and I anticipate at least 10 more years of competitive play.
  5. Need 6 more owners; then we can start the draft! Here's a link to the league rules on Fantrax:
  6. The league will be housed on Fantrax. We have just begun taking applications today, so almost all MLB teams are available. Here are some basics: - We're starting it as a free league, but it could turn in to a pay league (low, $20) in the future. - 24 teams with 45-man rosters (25 majors; 20 minors) - "Blended" draft, in which owners will fill major AND minor league rosters simultaneously, so lots of room for individual strategies for building a franchise. - Snake draft; draft order will be randomized once the league is filled; draft date TBD once the league is filled - H2H categories (each category is a win). If interested, please contact and and we'll send you an application. Please know that the application will require some critical thinking; we want only knowledgeable owners.
  7. The league is entering its 10th season but has had some turnover in owners this year, so we're cutting keepers down to 12 (MLB) / 8 (MiLB) and building back up to give new owners a chance to make their teams their own. It's a good time to get in. We play on ESPN. H2H categories (5x5, with OBP instead of AVG, QS instead of W's, and HLD+SV instead of SV only). The team you'd be inheriting has Schoop, Longoria, Machado, Blackmon, Thames, Swanson, Jon Gray, Bundy, Cobb, Gausman, and Ronald Acuna.. pretty good roster. Email me at if you'd like to join. I'll send you the link to the league, and I will ask that you send me your thoughts on how you will make the team a champion. It's been in the playoffs recently and even made the world series two years ago, but it's never won a championship.
  8. Thanks for the response. Do you have a link to the league or a list of rules?
  9. I've been playing fantasy baseball for about 15 years now. I'm currently the commissioner of a dynasty league that's going into its 10th season, and this is the only league I've played in for the past 9 years. I'd like to add another league for some variety. If you have a league that fits the following criteria, please email me at - Large league (20+ teams) - H2H categories - Lots of keepers or Dynasty (with minor leagues) - Small ($25) or no league fee / buy-in If you're another experienced owner and you're interested in starting a new league with me, I'd also be interested in that.
  10. 4 Teams available in a 16-team dynasty league that's heading into its 11th season. 5x5 H2H scoring: R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP; K, QS, ERA, WHIP, HLD / SV. The league has a great core group of owners, but we have some turnover this year. Email me @ if interested and I'll share the link to the league. Please include a little information regarding your previous experience in your email. We only want competitive, experienced owners.