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  1. culver is easily the add. but be prepared for the ft% hit.
  2. just see how the game goes, Melton hasn't started before so likely don't want to interrupt with his role. could end up getting big minutes still.
  3. ranked 54th, 84th, and 88th last three seasons (9cat). was ranked 78th up until December. I'd say he is definitely worth an add regardless of stash upside to see if it was the knee issue that caused him to drop off in Dec/Jan.
  4. Nance and Mclemore should be good streaming options for today,
  5. Millsap reported to be out indefinitely. Go ahead and add Grant while he is there. (b2b this weekend)
  6. 2020 is the year the lord returns in all his glory. Smite be to those who doubt thy 3's, stocks, rebounds. Blessed be thy game.
  7. per minute beast that is going to get a uptick in minutes. definitely worth the stream. Mighty Boosh time.
  8. Our Lord is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to.
  9. Millsap questionable with foot and with 3 games coming up in next 4 days we could see a mini breakout.
  10. bit of confusion here I'll try clear up. who?- Dylan Windler what?- basketball player when?- sometime this week where?- Cleveland
  11. Believe you are correct except I don't think we will see Melo run with the starters often.