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  1. I play dynasty, I'll be selling all my shares. People are excited and I've seen everything i need to in order to imo i need someone else. Hoping Haskins declares.
  2. This. I expect Pettis to continue the work of his last 3 weeks.
  3. The bears are very similar to the seahawks vs WRs.
  4. At this point, still a lot of development possible, Mayfield looks like the only worthwhile QB from 2018. 2017 definitely looks to be a superior class.
  5. You're right @TTo34 this is a fun read. This quote from @Devastator would make a great debate now. I'm scared to see what i said.
  6. I feel better now that Los Angeles scored. Andy is notorious for taking his foot off the pedal. Troll if you want to, "a little nervous" was appropriate. Anyone who capitulates first quarter points across a game without factoring in real world coaching is shortsighted. I was more nervous about the 85 yds and 2td lead.
  7. I'm a little nervous about a 14-0 score and 2 tds off only 85yds. This feels like the Jacksonville game.
  8. I think that the nw rules are going to allow more guys to succeed. Have you watched all of these guys?
  9. That isn't a terrible thing. 2005 gave us Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith. Plus other guys who have contributed like Derek Anderson, Matt Cassel, and Fitzmagic. There are classes that haven't had a HOFer (rodgers) and dependable starter (smith). I think there's at least one Rodgers in this class, I don't like OSU, but Haskins has it. This class is fine if he and Herbert come out. Unfortunately, there's just a lot of guys in this class who need the right spot.
  10. I like Grier too. I want to see more of him before I decide to invest in him. Right now he's in Mason Rudolph territory. He's a dynasty stash in 2QB. TBH, i have Lauletta in one league.
  11. We definitely should temper expectation. We're depending on a third string underrated rookie (i know it's his second year, but it's his first season) to get the ball out. The O-Line is not great, Denver is elite away getting to the QB. I won't be surprised if Pettis bombs. And, i don't think anyone sees him as a FF WR1. Hopefully he's the flex play. Everyone I'm starting him over has the same floor. His ceiling is crazy high, that's the cause of optimism. I don't think many of us will be let down by him, because we understand the risk. I expect him to be more dependable next year. Still the best all around WR in this rookie class, IMO.
  12. IMO Pettis and Coutee would be bigger names if it weren't for lingering injuries. Luckily Dante appears to be healthy. He is probably the most polished of the 2019 class. Let's hope he can stay healthy. I adore his routes.
  13. This playoff stretch of passing defenses is the reason I've held on to Jackson. He should get his this week and next.
  14. Ten Months Later, this is what I'm thinking as the season closes down. 1) Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State) [UC] -- decent floor, high upside, not much experience, quick release and good vision, he's learning a lot but seems to be a quick learner 2) Justin Herbert (Oregon) [UC] -- a lot of tape, high risk high reward, athletic, strong arm 3) Daniel Jones (Duke) [UC] -- high floor low ceiling, good coaching pedigree, smart, average to above verge arm strength 4) Drew Lock (Mizzou) [GR] -- strong arm, a lot of tape, decent floor decent ceiling 5) Will Grier (West Virginia) [GR] -- great college career, good release, good accuracy, decent mobility, average to maybe just below average arm strength 6) Jarrett Stidham (Auburn) [DC] -- weird release, average arm strength, smart, underperformed junior year UC - Undeclared GR - Graduated DC - Declared
  15. I know this is a feed on Mahomes and not an advice feed. However, gotta start Rivers. I don't think that Baltimore will push KC on the score even though this will be Jackson's best passing game to date. River's floor is a little less in this game and his ceiling is comparable. Could Mahomes outscore Rivers? Sure! I don't think it will be by more than a few points. That being said. I'm rolling with Mahomes. I love the possibilities now that Hunt is gone. The backs on the roster are better receivers than runners (even though hunt was a better receiver than any of them). I don't think we are going to see a huge commitment to the run which will open up the passing game, especially the vertical game to Hill and to Robinson.