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  1. Ty and ware. If wares out id go Martin
  2. Id go Detroit. Picked Them up myself and really like the situation with Them this week. help with mine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/737600-strategy-in-week-15-whir/
  3. I need some help on Rb strategy in my match up. 12 team Non PPR, qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, dst, flex, k my team: Mahomes, Gurley, Cohen, Justin Jackson, Drake, J. Kelly, Tyreek Hill, Juju, Robert Woods, Ridley, Hooper opponent: rivers, gordon, cmc, gus ed, AP, Julio, diggs, goodwin, ertz Im propably picking up d Williams just to block my opponent on thursday. Have most fab left in league.. but long story short. Besides from Gurley i dont know what to do on RB. Love Cohens matchup, and how he has performed, love Jacksons matchup and his situation with ekeler and Gordon out and love Williams situationen if ware is going to sit this one. Its a possibillity to play 2 of the rbs but I am leaning to play all my 3 wrs since they been so reliable with such High floor. Please help me and leave a link in return and I Will help you..
  4. Id roll with Ebron then. Kickers is always a lottery, but I’d go Elliot in this situation
  5. Collins. Love him this week. If Carson plays I Think he is going to be limited, and also Davis and Penny is going to get snaps
  6. 1) turn off caps lock 2) play Watson 3) Play Zeke, Jones and Mixon 4) play Thomas and Evans 5) Look on waivers for kicker, defence and TE. I actually like all 3 but just make sure there is no better options. Steelers I Think is a great play this week
  7. I’d throw Shady out there, close my eyes and beg that this is the week he scores. He will get the volumen, question is how much that matter in that offence...
  8. Its a combination of the lack of upside for mack in ny opinion and colemans Big upside. Its very possible that mack scores and puts Down a good Game, but i dont see the game as High scoring. Jacksonville Will be able to stop luck, and therefore limit macks opportunities. On the other hand I dont see the Browns stopping falcons from scoring propably 4tds which should give coleman plenty of opportunities and a good game overall...
  9. Need help to pick my flex... standard league - Tarik Cohen or Robert Woods?
  10. That Trade should definetely NOT be vetoed. To me it seems like kind of a fair deal, with alot of upside on both sides with cooks injury and mvs and Boyd as potentialy monster breaks outs the next weeks. If that was vetoed in my league I would leave the league. Just be happy you have an 0-9 guy who is actually managing his team