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  1. Proved to be fantasy irrelevant today. Hope you all sat him today. I thankfully did. Screw yahoo and their WR2 BS.
  2. Haha, suckers. I picked up Foster instead.
  3. Livid. My team is f'ed if I don't get a big play or two from him.
  4. Ugh, kickoff TD, so offence doesn't get the ball
  5. Feel quite proud of starting Foster over Godwin and Stills, who are both posting goose-eggs. Take that, experts!!!
  6. Nice catch by Foster. Allen really needs to feed him more!
  7. Lol, I see now. My sarcasm detector wasn't working .
  8. He already did last game. Got 2 against Green Bay.
  9. Bills WR. Has had 90+ yards in 3 of his last 4 games.
  10. Started him as a WR3 in the semifinals over Godwin and Stills. Bring it on!!!