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  1. I ended my dynasty season with the 1.01, 1.03 and 1.08. Obviously, Im taking Barkley and in my league someone will probably take Guice at 2 so my question is: is it to high to reach to take another RB at 1.03? I like Sutton, but if he ends up somewhere other than SF I would prefer, K Johnson, S Michelle or even R Freeman. My league tends to go pretty RB heavy and with the recent lack of production from early rnd WRs is it worth punting on them all together.
  2. Hey Jerr Bear, Im in a similar situation going into next year. Currently holding 2 top 4 picks, although we determine final spot via consolation bracket. Currently the best I can get is 1 and 3 so if I were to play that scenario out I would probably go Barkley and Guice or honestly Chubb. Re the 2nd rnder I love Ronald Jones. If you don't already have a draftbreakdown membership I would advise grabbing one. Binging on that site last year led me to grabbing Kamara and Juju who have been mehhhhh. Regarding the WR class, I need someone to sell me on this year. All I hear from podcasts and online info is wait for the 2019 WR class.