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  1. Texans, Cowboys, Ravens, Bears. Is what I see happening... (this is my prediction) What I would love to happen is Texans, Seahawks, Chargers, Eagles. Fly Eagles, Fly.
  2. Congratulations! I did a very similar thing in my league. Started 0-4 and then scraped into the playoffs on the last game. However I beat the number one seed AND undefeated team in the semi finals before a crushing victory in the final game. And to top it off, Eagles made the playoffs.
  3. Baker, Alshon and Baldwin. Definitely those for me.
  4. I've now picked up Anderson, I will now sit and stare long and hard at my line up before I end up starting Hamilton. Thank you again, and good luck in your matchup as well.
  5. Falcons is the gamble, Colts is the safe option. I know Jags have been poor on offence but they have the ability to run through teams. So I'd leave it between Colts or Falcons. I'd be leaning towards the safer option of Colts personally. Falcons has the potential big upside though facing a young inexperienced QB.
  6. So you would play Hamilton at Flex then? I could also pick up Anderson if I wanted to. Thank you for your help, and the good luck!
  7. Lions have a good secondary, so may use the ground a lot more. Worth considering. I wouldn't like to make that call though.
  8. Chubb and Cook if I had the choice, they both have the season on the line. Mixon has nothing to play for.