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  1. Notice how there's been no comment about the J2 guys from 2010 - 2012 that I provided.
  2. Odd that you're taking the word ignorance as a personal attack. We're all ignorant to certain things, I'm just choosing to not put those things on full display for others to see.
  3. Let's help out @FouLLine when it comes to the success rate of J2 prospects. 2010 - top 30 international bonuses 2011 - top 30 international bonuses 2012 - top 30 international bonuses About 90 names for true J2 that are all at least 23 now. A who's who of meh.
  4. Aren't you the one that said 'in sports' implying not just baseball? Yep. There it is, in black and white. Now go educate yourself before more ignorance spews from your keyboard.
  5. This is cute. I'm born and raised Chicago and a life long baseball fan. I also said the Shields move was a horrible trade just a couple of posts ago, so you don't need to rehash it, nor try to explain to me how prospects work. GMs, front office execs all make mistake and yes, KW has plenty of them, but they don't make him the worst front office exec that you, or anyone else, has ever seen in sports. You yourself commented on Ozzie and Coop being the one's that should take the credit, but who hired those two guys? Isn't part of the job of being the GM putting the right people in the right place? That fact alone negates your ridiculously hyperbolic statement. He was responsible for just about that whole 2005 team. Took over GM role after 2000 season, but was director of minor league development for years before that. You also might want to look up the name Elgin Baylor before you try to reply.
  6. Taking on Shields for an Arby's giftcard, at the time, would have been an awful move, but you are correct. Tatis probably wasn't even considered a top 10 prospect in their system when traded Here's the MLB article on the trade. The only mention of Tatis, Jr is that he's involved in the trade https://www.mlb.com/news/white-sox-padres-complete-james-shields-trade-c182092484 And the ESPN article. Some mention of 'potential elite prospect' but probably more due to his bloodline than what actually was at the time. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/15955489/james-shields-traded-chicago-white-sox-san-diego-padres-erik-johnson-fernando-tatis-jr
  7. This is just a monumentally awful take, probably based off of reading Moneyball.
  8. Felipe 'The Jesus' Vazquez? ALL PLAYER NEWS FELIPE VAZQUEZRP, PITTSBURGH PIRATES Pirates closer Felipe Vazquez has been arrested on charges of computer pornography, solicitation of a child, and one count of providing obscene material to minors. SOURCE: CBS Pittsburgh Sep 17, 2019, 12:29 PM ET
  9. He had already pitched the 7th and they scored a run to make lead 4
  10. The guy that’s just had his a** on pine for 5-6 days is running away with the MVP? Lol
  11. ADAM DUVALLOF, ATLANTA BRAVES Adam Duvall is not in the Braves' lineup Tuesday against the Mets. The slumping outfield will sit against right-hander Zack Greinke. Matt Joyce will start in left field while Ender Inciarte plays center. SOURCE: Grant McAuley on Twitter Aug 13, 2019, 1:54 PM ET
  12. Get out of here with this. In 4 games against MIN this year he's 2-0 and held them to a .683 OPS.
  13. Anyone with an iota of baseball sense, that saw that AB against Chatwood, thought the same thing. Chatwood's a hack and it wasn't pretty. Didn't stop me from taking a flyer on the guy, thank god, but nothing wrong about what abs posted