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  1. If this is a 8-cat league (I always ignore turnovers due to streaming)... then Doncic is a top 10 guy... but Jrue, Gobert, Dlo are top 25... Turner is like 40, The rest are closer to 100. So I guess it boils down to if you would trade 3 top 25 guys for a top 10 guy. I would not.
  2. I currently run a 4-punt (Points, 3s, FT and TO) with 5 elite cats (pick 11 in a 12-team Yahoo, started with Lebron + Drummond). Drafted myself in a corner and would not recommend it. However, given how streaming for 3s can be quite effective, it is not the worst strategy. It also hugely depends on how competitive your league is.
  3. AD... load management on these Lakers wont happen (injuries might, but that's the game). Only guys I would pick over AD this draft are KAT and Harden.
  4. Good choice. I joined the league on a whim (midseason) from here as well. Going on 3rd year now
  5. I mean nobody owns Dunn due to points right with the current Bulls team? You hope for the 10-0.7-4-7-2-0.5 and ofc punt TO
  6. As much as I love Jrue.. you take KAT.... if its 12 team or above.
  7. He is such a beast! I just wish he would get back to decent FT.... 75%.. cmon Jrue, you were 79% last season (Same with Wall, who I also own )
  8. Fully agree! In H2H when u need to win weeks, he is mehh... but in Roto there is nobody better honestly!
  9. I would not make either of the trades. I am an Ayton and JRich owner... and I would rather have JRich over Ayton (unless Ayton was my first big)
  10. Lillard, especially in your team! Its not a buy low, so the marginal gain is not worth the risk!
  11. Towns is the problem. But hey he still is a 1st round guy. He is just not a week winner like Harden, AD, Curry, Giannis. But he is reasonably efficient even in his struggles.
  12. My exact problem is being solver by The Rooster. 2 bubblewraps to go please!
  13. I tend to trust a month worth of games. So for example now, I am willing to believe that Nurkic will be a 70% FT shooter for the season on average. I do not believe the near 80% he is on, but I think the 65% he had last season improves to 72-75%.
  14. drop turner and accept the trade. Enjoy the championship
  15. Brogdon > Turner. I am staying away from Turner all of this season