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  1. Funny how the experts thought he would only score and put up empty stat lines. What an animal!
  2. Was dropped in my league on the weekend and I scooped him up. Surprised he returned from that nasty looking ankle sprain so quickly. Might take him a couple games to fully get back into the swing of things though.
  3. He’s been looking a lot better lately and he’s got some value for 3s, points and steals with the odd assists and boards too. Anything to see here?
  4. 30 points, 5 REB, 1 AST, 3 STL, 1 BLK and 5 3PM?! Was definitely unexpected but someone had to step up without mins from any of CJ, Bazemore and Tolliver. Don’t expect this going forward, but very interesting line.
  5. Any chance Gary Trent Jr puts up a line like that again?!
  6. More of this please. If only every game was against the Knicks!
  7. Supposedly back any day now according to Casey. Can’t see him staying with the Pistons given his expiring contract. Are people in deeper leagues thinking of stashing if they have an IL spot?
  8. Favors out and the matchup was right for Okafor. Impressive performance but not sure how much I’d look into Isofor when everyone’s healthy (Favors, Ingram, Redick, Zion and Jrue).
  9. Am I missing something here? Outside of deep leagues, I fail to see the appeal. Very little peripheral and defensive stats, but definitely a worthy streamer for points and 3s with more mins.
  10. Capela will play Tuesday night, likely taking away from any streaming appeal for Hartenstein. However, if you can afford the luxury stash to wait and see what happens with his mins once Capela is back (and in case Capela re-aggravates his injury), then it seems like an ideal option.
  11. Insane streamer, a must start whenever Capela is out!
  12. He looks completely clueless around the hoop when receiving the ball from teammates. Either he has low awareness or he’s got butter fingers.
  13. Huh? Aren't the Bulls facing the Pacers tonight?
  14. Watching the game was a painful reminder that it'll take more time before MPJ becomes consistently relevant in fantasy. Malone often goes with the hot hand and the Nuggets are very deep. There were very few, if any, designed plays for MPJ last night, which is why the FGAs were so low. Usage will be a problem unless he gets hot early and others are cold.