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  1. 15-2-3 in his first game with a new team so far and people are upset?
  2. Even though it was a blowout, it was nice to see a more productive game after his last couple outings.
  3. I guess your league doesn't have a steals category then. He's also got some lower end value in 3s and assists, which can rise with more PT and ball handling responsibilities.
  4. Draymond has never been a high usage player and has been frequently injured this year, while it's likely they'll be pretty cautious with Steph. I'm curious to find out why you think the organization wouldn't be investing in one of their rookies and providing them with playing time that is meaningless the rest of the year.
  5. Will this last when Holmes inevitably returns? Or is he purely a short-term add?
  6. It's almost like MPJ's stats from pre-ankle injury have just transferred over to Juan. The mins are there and the opportunity should be huge as everything is pretty much try outs for next season (as it has been for a while).
  7. Ended up with an ok line and despite missing a couple easy layups. Still encouraged given it’s only his second game there and first with DLo.
  8. Pretty good line for his first half with his new team vs the Clippers too.
  9. Wtf is going on with Seth right now? Is that secretly Steph?!
  10. He won’t get there this season. That’s what I’m expecting in maybe 2 years.
  11. Available tonight and starting either tonight or in the near future 👀
  12. He’s more athletic and bigger than FVV and producing more than FVV would have in his rookie year. I currently have him projected to be somewhere between a Brogdon and a Jrue Holiday, which to me is star potential (not superstar).
  13. Just for the sentimental value. He loved OKC when he was there and the fans loved him.
  14. DJJ and Waiters would probably be more interesting pieces for OKC given that they’re in the midst of trying to secure a playoff berth. Waiters going back to OKC would be awesome.
  15. This has nothing to do with trade rumors, but how do you not keep Terence Davis? I can't see OG as a bigger piece than him right now.
  16. An entire thread and Terence Davis is not once mentioned. Smh.
  17. Huge snub in the rising stars game. Career high 31 and still going!
  18. He returned to the bench without a limp and had the ankle taped up. He didn’t need to sub back into the game so it’s unknown if he would have been able to play or not.
  19. Yes, especially if his 3s continue to fall. Surprised not many are talking about him at the moment. Good stash who is a candidate to receive significant minutes if Love and/or Thompson are traded.
  20. Capela doubtful tonight, Hart could be an interesting stream for today at least.
  21. Interesting streaming option for the Mon/Tues B2B. I don't typically like relying on Miami players since they're so deep and go with whoever's hot in a given game, but with the mini injury crisis they have right now, it's possible he earns a larger role if he continues to perform.
  22. WCS was probably one of the least threatening bigs they could have traded for, so looks like Seth could still hold some value.