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  1. I have Boyd. Personally, I wouldn't. Ross, especially with the backup QB isn't safe enough to rollout in week 16. He may do well, but I don't like the risk.
  2. Fitzgerald will be up against the Falcons's Bradley Poole. Is this promising? DO WE START THE FITZ?! (Debating between him, Pettis, or Ingram as flex.)
  3. Anyone else riding Ingram? It's either I flex him, Fitzgerald, or Boyd.
  4. Seems like Robinson is out this week. How's it looking for our boy, Gabriel?
  5. He fumbled in near the endzone. He had a good shot at a TD...
  6. That's my concern too. Jones Jr doesn't see that many targets anymore, and I'm worried about Cooks not seeing any targets versus Buf! Argh.
  7. Anyone riding the Funchess train to the finals? Looks like it's now or never.
  8. Me too, but I'll be taking my chances..
  9. Anyone playing Witten with Zeke being back?
  10. Ah, I can understand your reasoning. I've always felt one bad game shouldn't impact our decision, but he's been dealing with this for the past 3 weeks, and his showdown with the Packers certainly didn't help. The way I'm looking at Funchess is that one bad hit tomorrow will result in him exiting the game.
  11. I'm trying to logically think through this, and it wouldn't make sense to exacerbate Hogan's shoulder any further when the Pats are already in the playoffs. Perhaps I'm just trying to rationalize my poor decisions...
  12. My opponent is favored to win (spread of ~12 points). I started L. Murray as my flex, and he only netted me 8 points. I have Fitz as my WR1, and this my thought process, in order of priority and preference. What are your thoughts? Start Jones Jr If Hogan plays, and Funchess still isn't cleared Start Cooks If Hogan is out, and Funchess still isn't cleared Start Funchess If he is cleared to play
  13. Man, the decision to start Cooks (assuming Hogan is out) is nerve-wrecking. I wish the Pats were playing the Jets this week, and not the Bills. This would be a much easier decision. :/
  14. Curious--will we let one bad game to leave him on the bench? People still start J. Jones, but perhaps that's not a good 1:1 comparison.