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  1. I did the same...five minutes before the game took him out. Congratulations to those that stayed the course and started him.
  2. Really tough...I feel like the right decision will get me to the championship...and the wrong one will end me.
  3. This is my exact situation. I have Russell Wilson and Tyreek Hill. My opponent has Patrick Mahomes and Amari Cooper. My head is telling me Dak to hedge but my heart is saying Wilson...I'm just concerned about the pass attempts with Wilson. I feel like Dak has the bigger upside but the lower floor.
  4. Would you play Dak over Wilson this week?
  5. What are the thoughts on Jordan Howard over Aaron Jones? I feel like Howard will see the endzone again but concerned about his yardage. Cohen is always there to possibly steal red zone targets as well...
  6. I'd go with Aaron. He should be getting double digit touches this game. Outside of last week (fumble), when he has had double digit touches he has had double digit points. My dilemma is whether to start him over Jordan Howard.
  7. I had a moment of insanity/panic....I'm rolling with who got me to my first championship: Brady all day!
  8. Does DT Kyle Williams and CB E.J. Gaines possibly being out Sunday add to Brady's value? Finally made it to the "ship" and trying to decide between Brady, Goff, and Winston...