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  1. Nah his own body cant even stop Corona. No defense
  2. Rudy Gobert: a heavier Chris Boucher with more minutes. Minus 3 pt shot. That is all.
  3. Between injuries and load management NBA fantasy been crap shoot this are bench guys getting load manage? Smh
  4. NFL calls that pass int. But the Saints/Minny one wasnt? Smh
  5. Lol Thon Maker in with 3 min left in OT. Woods glued to the bench
  6. Put this guy on a team with a coach like the Raptors and watch him beast. Too bad he plays for stubborn Casey.
  7. CB was also grabbing Davis while he was running his route. Should have been a penalty regardless
  8. Casey sucks. They even run plays for Wood?
  9. Wtf is wrong with the Gouston coach. Guy is a clown. Dint go for it in 4th and inches in the redzone to break KC's back, but goes for a fake punt in his own 30?? Clown shoes. How this guy get HC job
  10. Isaac ded. So yea. But before injury Isaac crazy.
  11. I got two top 20 guys for KAT and Dipo who hasnt played a single game yet. Who knows how he will look after long absence.
  12. Traded KAT and Dipo for CP3 and Isaac (2 weeks before he got injured)