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  1. Wtf is wrong with the Gouston coach. Guy is a clown. Dint go for it in 4th and inches in the redzone to break KC's back, but goes for a fake punt in his own 30?? Clown shoes. How this guy get HC job
  2. Isaac ded. So yea. But before injury Isaac crazy.
  3. I got two top 20 guys for KAT and Dipo who hasnt played a single game yet. Who knows how he will look after long absence.
  4. Traded KAT and Dipo for CP3 and Isaac (2 weeks before he got injured)
  5. Watson been like that with Nuk all year. He only throws those 3 yrs out routes to Nuk, and bombs away to Fuller.
  6. After Watson missed a wide open Nuk, you could tell when tv zoomed in on Hops that he dint give a crap anymore. Next play Hops fumbled. Nuk was like I was wide open for 40 yards with nobody around you dont throw to me. A 3 yrd out you throw it to me. F this noise.
  7. My season so far Drafted KAT got injured Dafted Zion got injured Traded for Collins got susp Traded for Gasol got injured Traded for Isaac....sorry guys. (Also waiting for CP3 to lose a leg. Smh)
  8. I'm eating crow. Dude balled out today. Nurse is a genious. Van vleet looked like trash last year playoffs and everyone wanted him benched. He blows up and looks like a top pg. McCaw looked like a YMCA player last game and now he balls out
  9. Dunno. McCaw was useless today. Bricked wide open shots and missed easy layups. Raptors were playing 5-4 on offense while he was out there. Also killed momentum beginning of the 4th when Raps made a run by getting a charging call on a 3-1 fast break. SMH. And dont even talk about his defense. Brown torched him all day. There was also one play where the player he was guarding inbounded the ball, got the ball back and took it coast to coast while McCaw just ran along side him.
  10. McVey is an idiot. Gurley just rushed 9 yrds. They need 1 yrd and they go for a screen. Give it to Gurley you bum. Hope Rams lose because of this idiot.